Sunday, May 27, 2007

Heroclix Events for June
All Events Start at 11am

2nd Cause Eight is A Pretty Number
800 pt build total
Prize: a Random LE from Wizkids

9th The Arena
3 figures,
Your first one, you may spend up to 75 pts,
Your second one, you may spend up to 150 pts
Your final one, you may spend up to 300 pts
1 feat per figure
all Figures of the same point catagory are played against all others on the same map
16th Test Run for July
300 pt Build total
Fan Favorite With a Twist
1000 pt build total, two Random Battlefield Conditions per Game

Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekend Sales Events!!!

May 18-20
20% off
all regular priced
Board Games and RPG's
May 25-27
20% off all regular priced Toys
50% off Regular Back Issues
25% off Premium Back Issues (19.95 & up)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Dungeons & Dragons

Friday May 25th at 4pm Character creation and registration will begin.
The game will enclude 4 parties racing for treasure in the same dungeon. Prizeses will be awarded to the winning party. The game will run through June and will be every Friday from 4pm until 9pm

Character creation includes 25 point system to build, and can be made 5th level but only using material from the Players Handbook. Starting Equipment will be given on the first night, so don't worry about buying equipment.

Any Questions Contact Johnathon at L.A. Mood on Tuesdays from 2 till 6 pm.

FNM For the Rest of MAY

May 18th - Draft

May 25th - Standard

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Free Comic Book Day 2007

Another success full Free Comic Book Day! We gave away over 1000 free comics! I am soooo tired, but happy! Superman had a great time meeting all his fans and having his photo taken. You can view all the photos by clicking on one of the photos on the flickr badge on the sidebar. You can then view them as a slideshow or individually or click here to start.

Dan Brown from the London Free Press reports he had a fun time blogging about the event. You can read his blog here. We had fun sharing the event with him and thank him for giving up his Saturday to be with us! It was an awesome day!!!!!