Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our deepest sympathy....

Everyone at L.A. Mood's, would like to extend their deepest sympathy to Jeremy Westlake and his family with the passing of Hilda (Deelstra) Westlake, Jeremy's mother, on December 22. She was 57 years old. May she rest in peace.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Boxing Week Sales
December 27, 28,29
Selected comics
3 for $1.00
plus visit our bargain basement, open 12 - 4
for more discounted toys and RPG's
Holiday Hours
Sunday, December 24 open 10AM - 3PM
Closed December 25 & 26
Closed December 31 & January 1st
Speaking of old friends...

Just heard from Joe; Joe used to help us out at the Fraser Mall and on Dundas Street with the "joe" jobs! He used to buy lots of model kits from us, back in the day. We used to display some of his finished kits in the store: 'Mars Attacks', 'Aliens',. He even did up a Ghost Rider kit that someone liked so much they smashed our window on Dundas Street to steal it in the middle of the night! He moved to Edmonton to get work welding. Well, he's given up the"joe" jobs and is using his welding skills to make metal sculptures. I would describe his work as HR Giger-esque with a little bit of Tim Burton. You can visit his website here, if you dare!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Congratulations to Roy!

Nothing like the holidays to hear from old friends or old employees. Some of you might remember Rodrigo, (Roy!) who worked at L.A. Mood's a few years back. He also self published his own comic called The Sublimes. It seems he participated in the 24 Hour Comic Challenge 2006 in October, and his entry was chosen to be one published in the book. This book will be coming out in March and will be advertised in January 2007 Previews. L.A. Mood Comics & Games will be carrying this book and anyone who would like to pre-order it, please let us know before the end of January. You can visit Rodrigo at his blog here.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Final 15th Anniversary Sale!
Thanks for 15 years of business!!!!
December 15 to 31, 2006
20% off
regular priced
Trade Paperbacks
20% off
regular priced
Toys & Statues
Plus other December specials:
50% off all Manga (not including pre-orders)
25% off all DVD's (not including pre-orders)
20% off all regular priced Back Issues

Sunday, December 10, 2006

First snowstorm of the year shuts down London!!!

London transit did not operate at all and people were forced to walk on the streets as they waited for sidewalks to be plowed.

Machine wins over man in snow removal!

We're open! Take that old man winter!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Night Magic Cancelled!

Sorry folks, but FNM is cancelled due to the snowstorm. Since the London Transit is shut down for today, Johnathon can't make it in. So the Draft will be next Friday instead, December 15th.

In the mean time, L.A. Mood's is still open, but will probably close early instead of at 8PM today. City Lights and Forest City Coin are also open right now. But it is best to call ahead to make sure before venturing out today. Shoppers Drug Mart is open, but the Scotiabank and the Market is closed. The sidewalks are plowed on Richmond from York to Dundas but not north of Dundas. The streets are looking better, but drivers watch out for pedestrians; many are walking on the street because not all the sidewalks are done yet.

Take care out there and happy snow day!
The Weather outside is Frightfull

Due to the MASSIVE snow fall, FNM will be canceled this week, I will instead hold the draft Next week. Sorry for any inconvience.

Johnathon D. Merrow

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Merry Christmas from all the staff of L.A.Mood's!!!!

We are not looking forward to our annual inventory! So to make our job easier we've decided to mark down the prices NOW of some of the older stuff gathering dust in the corners! Get rid of them now, so we don't have to count them! We marked down trade-paperbacks, and that includes manga, D20 games, toys (Buffy, DC Direct, NBA to name a few), and board games (someone bought 6 games an hour after it had been discounted!) There are some really good deals for the smart shopper!

Also currently we have a 20% off sale on all back issues, 25%off all in stock DVD's and 50% off all manga (not including pre-orders).

Don't forget our final 15th Anniversary Sale! What crazy things do we have planned for December 15th? Well, I am not going to tell you yet ;) You will just have to stay tuned to this blog!!!

FNM This Week

Wooo.... what a week. Last Sunday was the showdown between Worlds Away, L.A. Moods, and The Western Magic Club. What a battle, The Underdogs "Western" came out with the Big V thanks to Jeff Baxter and His great run. In second came Team Worlds Away, with some Impressive Victories form players the likes of Wojo, and Mark. But alas, Team L.A. Moods came in Last with a "good Try team".

Hopefully this is the First of may crossover Tournaments to come.


This Week we have a Draft! Yay Draft. Hopefully we have as good of a turnout as we did last week. 18 players last week, Hopefully this week will be the same.

Next week we will have Standard Play on Dec 15th. This will be the Last FNM till the New Year. Next Week I will have the List for Januarys Events. Thanks All, and Merry Ho Ho.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

December Heroclix Event

Well with the Holiday craziness I haven't had the time to post about how great our Supernova Marquee was, or how much of of a beast the new Thanos unique is (thought that comes probably as little surprise to any one).

And while I did not post this in time for todays event, here's the info on December's remaning Heroclix Event

DEC 9th: Team up Holiday Mixer

Bring any two figures!!!
Each player will be randomly assigned a pair that someone brings in!
No feat cards, Battlefield conditions can still be used

Hope to see all you Heroclix players out there and that everyone has a Happy Holidays