Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bargain Basement Update!

Last day! These comics will now be 4 for $1!!! Egads!

Friday, December 28, 2007

New Comics Update!

New Comics not in until Monday December 31st! Sorry for the inconvenience. Tracking shows parcels left Montreal yesterday, and it always takes 2 business days from Montreal to get to London.

We don't know if that means there will be a delay for the next shipment,too. We are still hoping that we will have another shipment on Friday, January 4th. Cross your fingers!

Also: the Bargain basement will not be open Sunday or Monday, but the rest of the sales go on until the 31st as planned!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Hours

December 24 10 - 3PM

December 25 & 26 Closed
New Comics: Friday December 28
December 31 (New Year's Eve) 10 -4 PM
January 1st Closed
New Comics: Friday January 4

Boxing Week Sales!!!!
December 27 - 31

25% off Premium Back Issues
50% off Regular Back Issues
30% off Toys & Statues
25% off Games
50% off T-shirts
25% off Trade Paperbacks & Graphic Novels

Bargain Basement:

Selected Comics, Toys, Magazines
3 for $1.00!!!

Heroclix Events For January

Most Events Start at 11am

Thurs 6:00pm

10th M&M Week 5 Sealed Event

Buy 2 boosters of Mutations & Monsters & Build a 300 pt team

Prize: Esme Cuckoo LE

19th M&M Week 6 Floor Event

Build a 300 pt team, 50% must be from Mutations & Monsters

Prize: Incredible Hulk LE

26th M&M Week 7 Floor Event

Build a 300 pt team, 50% must be from Mutations & Monsters

Prize: Proteus LE

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Heroclix Events For December

Events Start at 11am

8th M&M Week 2 Floor Event

Build a 300 pt team, 50% must be from Mutations & Monsters

Prize: Shockwave Feat

15th M&M Week 3 Floor Event

Build a 300 pt team, 50% must be from Mutations & Monsters

Prize: Protected Feat

22h M&M Week 2 Constructed

Build a 300 pt team

Prize: Eleha’al Vine Object

Friday, December 07, 2007

Huge Magic: the Gathering event update --

December FNM at l.a. mood: -- Prize is Force Spike!

December 7th -- Standard, no after draft.
December 14th -- Standard, no after draft.
December 21st -- Draft, with after draft.
December 28th -- Draft, with no after draft.

January FNM at l.a. mood: -- Prize is foil Remand! (allegedly)

January 4th -- Standard, with after draft
January 11th -- Draft, with after draft
January 18th -- Standard, with no after draft
January 25th -- Draft, with after draft

Other Events:

December 19th -- Coldsnap draft, with lots of rare prizes!

In honour of the snowy weather we're getting, we'll be drafting Coldsnap. Come down and draft up a snow-storm. There will be a fifteen dollar entry fee that pays for your packs. As well, we will be awarding rares for each match win, consolation rares for anyone who doesn't win a single match, and a bonanza of prizes for the top finisher!

February 3rd -- Morningtide Release event

l.a. mood will be holding it's Morningtide release event on Sunday the 3rd of February. It'll be a Sealed deck event, and rumour has it Wizards is sending us a load of prize support. Keep your eyes on this space for more details!

Lastly, please note that starting in the new year, all FNM events will begin promptly at 6:00pm.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


New Magic: the Gathering cards at l.a. mood.

We've recently acquired a new collection of magic cards, and we thought we'd try to tempt our loyal readers into coming down and picking up some great deals.

Some of the new cards include:

~ 2 Fact or Fiction
~ 4 Plow Under
~ 1 Call of the Herd
~ 1 Teferi
~ 1 Shivan Reef (Apocalypse)
~ 4 Urza block Treetop Villages
~ 4 Urza block Confiscate

As well as many more popular rares and uncommons! Come on down, and peek inside our display case and the "good stuff" binder. Remember that everything in the good stuff binder is also 50% off for FNM players on Friday!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Merry Christmas to all, from everyone at L.A Mood's!

Come on down and check out our Christmas bargain tables! We have gone through much of our inventory and picked out many Graphic Novels, Games, and Toys and have marked them down up to 50% off! Great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!

Come on down and check out these great new product just in time for Christmas:
Marvel Heroclix: Mutations and Monsters
Starcraft: The Board Game
World of Warcraft the Board Game
World of Warcraft the Collectable Card Game
Eye of Judgement boosters
Settlers of Catan: 4th Edition
Heroes Hardcover
How the Grinch Stole Christmas toy figures from McFarlane Toys
Beowulf action figures
Beowulf the Board Game
300 Replica Helmet
300 Replica Spartan Shield
300 Replica sword

Back in stock:
V for Vendetta talking figure
Axis and Allies Revised Edition and Axis and Allies Battle of the Bulge at great new prices!
and so much more!