Friday, November 24, 2006


This weeks friday night magic is a standard show down where the winner will have the final spot on team L.A.Moods for the tournament on sunday.

This Sunday the 26th the Tournament between L.A.Moods, Worlds Away, and the Western Magic Club will take place at the Social Sciences Building room #3028 at Western. It will start at 1pm and will go until 7pm.

More good news, December will be sanctioned. I have already recived the prizes, Foil DCI Fire/Ice. WOW! So prepare for some compitition as these cards will surly be sought after.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

National Games Week November 19-25, 2006

To celebrate, all board games this week will be 10% off, and we already have the best prices in town!!!! Also we will have a demo table set up in the store with open games. Take a look inside the box! Sit down, read the instructions and feel the quality of the pieces, try a few rounds. There is so many choices besides Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit! We will have Settlers of Catan, Zombies, and Carcassonne, Risk 2210, and Railroad Tycoon to name a few, on display.

Check out Board Game Geek for reviews and information about games.

Or if you have a favourite board game, please use the comment box to let our readers know.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New this week:

Civil War #5 is in! Finally!As well as tie-ins New Avengers and Iron Man! Dan's talking about it at the FreePress here.

Marvel Heroclix Supernova! egads it's flying off the shelf!

And creepy and wierd HP Lovecraft series 1 figures! awesome!

Give it a look!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

15th Anniversary Sale!

Head's up on tomorrow's special on the 15th of the month! Since the 15th falls on new comic day, the special is 20% off all new comics!!!!! woo!hoo!

See you all tomorrow!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Nov 26th is the date that has been assigned to the tournament. What tournament you ask? Well how about a battle between Worlds Away, UWO, and L.A.Mood !!
Friday the 17th we will be holding a NON-Sanctioned Draft. The top 4 players will then form Team L.A.Mood and go to face Worlds Away, and UWO's Magic club in a Team Draft. The Prize (other than bragging rights, and possible a shiny belt) is a rare re-draft.
If (because of exams and stuff) I do not have enough players on the 17th, then I will hold the tournament on the 24th of november instead. Hopefully I see you out on Friday, and good luck to all who Participate.

Tourny's for November
Nov 17, Draft qualifying
Nov 24, (Draft qualifying) or Standard
Nov 26, 3-way tournament at UWO
Dec 1, Sanctioned Standard

Just a reminder that FNM tournaments start at 6 pm and are Located at the store. Don't forget to show up early to take advantage of our 50% off magic singles for Tournament participants.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

D&D Day a success!

Many people came out to play D&D! It was great to see new faces, especially the younger ones!Many thanks to our volunteers Jeff, Paul, and Charles for being such great DM's! The winners of the doorprizes were Tim (War Drums booster), John (Eberron Player's Guide), Steve (Blood Wars booster, and our grandprize winner was Jeff (Gargantuan Black Dragon). Congratulations to all! Jeff had such a great time being DM and demo-ing D&D Miniatures Game, that he has decided to run D&D Miniatures Games in the new year!!!!! These games would run on the 3rd Tuesday of every month starting on January 19th. Please feel free to comment on this blog if you are interested or send us an email.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Marvel's Editoral & Business Sense??

Those who are regulars at the store and talk comics with me, know that I sometimes have very concerned thoughts about Marvel's editoral and Business sense as of the last year or so.

well in this review of X-Men Phoenix Warsong #3 at the X-Axis website, kinda sums up how I feel. Click on the link Here

Let me know your thoughts either in the comments section or at the store.