Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Closed October 31st, due to Power Outage!

Downtown London sinks into hole in ground! Aaaaaaaaagh! I am blogging from home to inform all of you that we are closed due to power failure! Egads! Apparently a water main burst at Dundas and Wellington and power is out throughout the downtown core. Here are a few of the signs sighted on our walkabout.

There were a few chuckles as the City of London calls it a special event! Yes, very special, indeed. Remind me to bring up repairing infrastructure as a priority to our City Hall the next time they bring up spending millions of dollars on a performing arts centre!

I remember the winter, a few years ago, when the power went out when the sewer blew up downtown. sheesh. Here are some of the scenes from downtown London. There were cops at all the Richmond Street intersections directing traffic and the buses were totally screwed up. Nobody knew where to catch their bus.

The comics have come in and have been counted, we will be open tomorrow as long as possible even if the power is not back on. Bring cash just in case! We can do credit card (members only) or cash if there is no power but not debit.

Hope things are somewhat back to normal tomorrow, Happy Halloween!

Links to Free Press here, and here, and here if you want to blog with Dan,

or here is the A Channel with video of the water in the sinkhole. ugh.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Friday Night Magic Events at l.a. mood for November

November 2nd -- Draft
November 9th -- Standard
November 16th -- Draft
November 23rd -- Standard
November 30th -- Sealed deck

Please note that at this time we are expecting to hold afterdrafts following each of the above events. As well, note that the entry fee for the November 30th Sealed will be twenty five dollars, and will include some prize support.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Heroclix Events For November

Most Events Start at 11am

10th Fan Favorite

Build a 1000 pt team

Prize: Random LE

29th Thurs 6:00pm

Mutations & Monsters New Guy Night

Bring a friend and enjoy some casual play

NGN Figure: Rampaging Hulk

Dec 1st Mutations & Monsters Sealed

Buy two boosters of Mutations & Monsters & then build a 300 pt team

Prize: To be Announced

Monday, October 22, 2007

Starro Attacks! Champion Crowned
Results from Oct. 20 2007
I'd like to thank everyone who came out to Starro Attacks events, and
to those who made the Championship a fun and exciting event.
The Grand Prize Starro
and the Fellowship Prize; the rare Johnny Thunder

Players battling in the second round. Derek watches Paul vs Dom,
while Darryl tangles with Nolan

Onward to the Championship Round
Paul's Team; starro slave Green Lantern, common Batman
and super-rare Time Trapper

Dom's Team; common Batman, uncommon Plastic Man, rare Dr. Polaris
and starro slave Green Arrow

and the winner of Fellowship
Paul get the tasty Johnny Thunder!!

Which makes our Champion.......
Dom, who won Starro the Conqueror

Who was promptly attacked by the mind controlling starfish from the stars!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Heroclix Events For October
Events Start at 11am

6th Starro Attacks! Week 3

Buy two boosters of Justice League & build a 300 pt Team
Participation Prize: Green Arrow Starro Slave
Prize: Champion Bye, worth 600 pts

13th Starro Attacks Week 4
Buy two boosters of Justice League & build a 300 pt Team
Participation Prize: Green Lantern Starro Slave
Prize: Champion Bye, worth 600 pts

20th Starro Attacks! Champion Event
Buy two boosters of Justice League & build a 300 pt Team
1st Place Prize: STARRO!
Fellowship Prize: Johnny Lighting!

27th The Witch's Brew
Build a 600 pt team, It must include one monster or mystic figure
Prize: A Random LE from Wizkids

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lorwyn Release Events!

l.a. mood will be hosting it's Lorwyn Release tournament on October 14th. Registration for the event will start at 10:30 and the tournament will start at 11am sharp. The entry fee is 25 dollars, and will buy you a tournament pack of Lorwyn, two boosters as well as pay for some wonderful prizes.

Wizards has sent us some great goodies, including an incredible prize foil, which will be given to participants, while supplies last.

The tournament will be run in standard sealed format, with no cut to top 8. Prizes will be given to the best finishers, as well as to others who win door prizes.

Once the main event is over, we will host sanctioned drafts for as long as people want to stay and draft. The entry fee for each draft will be ten dollars.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them, or stop by the store and chat with Justin.

See you all then!