Thursday, August 28, 2008

New this week:


Lots and lots of Marvel titles this week!
New Avengers #44
Mighty Avengers#17
Avengers Initiative#16
Wolverine #68
Amazing Spider-Man #569 to name a few!

DC is not keeping up, but we did get:
All Star Superman Volume 1 softcover in! Highly recommended!


It's all about Pathfinder this week!
Pathfinder Beta RPG
Pathfinder 12 &13
Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting

Secret Invasion boosters
Axis & Allies War at Sea boosters
Axis & Allies boosters


Gordzilla and I have recently celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary! Hard to believe it's been that long! So it's kind of neat, that on that day, we were interviewed for the Free Press for this article about Downtown Living. Check it out!

Photo courtesy of Sue Bradnam, Sun Media


We say good-bye to another employee, Justin, who has been in charge of our Friday Night Magic. Justin is moving on to complete his schooling in Montreal! We wish him the best of luck! We welcome Clinton as his successor! As well as FNM's, Clinton will be seen in the store on Tuesdays and Saturdays, please make him feel at home!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Heroclix Events Update

please note that the event for the 27th of August

has been moved to Thursday the 28th due to a work schedule change

Thurs 28th Weds Secret Invasion Week 4: Floor

300 pts build, 150 points of your force must come from Secret Invasion

Prizes: Invigorate

Thanks for your patience
New rule for Shards of Alara Release!

Some of the keen eyed players may have noticed this bit of information floating around on the internet recently...

"Tournament Structure/Format: [for Shards release Sealed]
(basics about building a sealed deck (a tourney deck and three boosters) followed by...) Players must choose one of the five Shards and construct a deck using cards that share the same colors of the Shard chosen."

Once you remove the jargon from it, it states that each player (upon receiving their sealed deck) must choose one of the Shards (3 colour alliances) of Alara and can only play cards represented by those colours.

So no four colour decks, no funny splashes; just do what Wizards tells you to.

I'm personally miffed, however I'd like to know what you folks think. Fun wrinkle, or yet another terrible decision by Wizards?


Post-script: allegedly the release will also feature special "super" lands which tap for 3 different colours of mana related to your shard. No mana screw here, I suppose.

This particular rumour I'll only believe once I see it. (As opposed to the deck building limitations, which Wizards has press-released)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

September FNMs!

September 5th – Standard!

September 12th – Draft!

September 19th – Standard!

September 26th – Draft!

Afterdrafts will occur on demand.

Please also remember that Shards of Alara is creeping up on us. Pre-order soon to make sure we have everything you want the second the set is released!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New this week:

Hunter: The Vigil RPG from White Wolf
Equinox Road for Changeling the Lost
Zombies!!!7 Send in the Clowns expansion
Humans!!!: a stand alone game or can be combined with Zombies!!!

Secret Invasion #5
Halo Uprising #3

Watchmen TP
Walking Dead TP vol 8

Another Good-Bye:
Jessica has worked part-time at L.A. Mood's for 5 years, while attending Western. It's now time for her to move on and share her knowledge with young people as a high school teacher! We wish her the best of luck on her new journey!

We welcome two new part-time employees Davita and Tom. Davita is a Beal student with an interest in music and art, and recently participated in the Fringe Festival. You will see her on Wednesdays and Sundays. Tom is a long time customer, who has a passion for games, particularly White Wolf and D&D, you'll see him regularly on Saturdays.

Monday, August 04, 2008