Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Future Sight Release Tournament

Sunday May 6th, 12:30 pm L.A. Mood Underground

The Future Sight release tournament will take place the day After Free Comic Book Day.
The Entrance fee will be 25$ and will include 5 boosters used for the Sealed event. Prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place, and additional Door prizes will be available, plus the first 30 registered will recive a Foil Release card. Registration will begin at noon.

May 4th, One booster each of Timespril, Planar chaos, and Future Sight
May11th, Standard

Both Tournaments will begin at 6:15 and registrations will begin at 5:45

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Live Blogging on Free Comic Book Day!!!

No not by us, we'll be too busy that day! Dan Brown of the London Free Press will be spending the day with us giving his readers a play-by-play account of the adventures of a comic book store on Free Comic Book Day!

Be sure to say hello to Dan, when you stop by on Free Comic Book Day, on Saturday May 5th!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Something to Get Excited about!!

I've been turned off by many products from the big two recently, but this news, I just got to share.
Gail Simone one of DC's best writers is leaving one of my favorite comics Birds of Prey, and while that is sad news for me, the reason why is worth it......

Gail Simone is going to be writing Wonder Woman!!!

This is great news, as I loved the Greg Rucka run on Wonder Woman, and was greatly disappointed with the writing done by Allan Heinberg, (not too mention the crazy amount of delays on it) But this may just shoot this book back to being my favorite ongoing comic

Gail Simone starts with issue #13, which is after the two tie ins to Amazons Attack.
An artist has yet to be named for her run.

check out the interview here on Newsarama

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

FNM This Month

April 6th, Standard
April 13th, Extended
April 20th, Standard
April 27th, Draft

These are Sanctioned tournaments but will not have FNM prizes.
Points are given based on placement at all four tournaments and a box of Future sight will be awarded to the winner over all.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Free Comic Book Day - Saturday, May 5th, 2007
Yes! It's that time of year again! Free Comic Book Day, an annual event that happens the first Saturday in May!

For those who don't know what this fantastic event is about, a brief summary: FCBD is a North America wide event where comic book stores get together with publishers and distributors to give away comic books. Specially printed books by dozens of publishers are made just for this event. It is an effort to bring back the fun in reading and collecting comic books. This idea was the brain child of Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics, who managed to bring the idea to Diamond Comic Distributors, and then eventually the major publishers Marvel and DC. The idea was well received by retailers and fans, where ever it was brought up for discussion. The first Saturday in May, 2002, was chosen for the inaugural launch and it was a resounding success!

We haven't looked back since! Here in London, Ontario, L.A. Mood Comics & Games makes it an even better event by teaming up with 4 other stores in town for an exclusive Comic Shop Crossover!!!! Pick up a passport at any of the 5 participating stores, and get your passport stamped at each of the 5 participating stores, drop it off at the last store, and you will have a chance to win one of many prizes donated by those awesome stores!!! Free comics! Prizes! Sales! I heard a rumour that Superman will put in an appearance at L.A. Mood's between 11 and 3!!! Awesome!

Passports are
now available at the following stores:

L.A. Mood Comics & Games, 350 Richmond St.
Heroes, 179 Dundas St.
The Comic Book Collector, 610 Dundas St.
Neo Tokyo: The Anime Store, 610 Dundas St.
Worlds Away, 666 Dundas St.

You can check out photos from past Free Comic Book Days at L.A. Mood's, by clicking on one of the photos in the flikr badge in the sidebar or here. We also have this awesome countdown clock counting down the days, hours and minutes to Free Comic Book Day! You can also check out this website that is dedicated to all things FCBD at If you have enjoyed FCBD or Comic Shop Crossover in the past, please feel free to leave a comment about what a great time you had, so we can pass this message on to others, and definitely send your friends a link to this page, so they can know about FCBD, too!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

...and to think that it happened on Richmond St!

Yes, we were visited by aliens on Tuesday afternoon! Meet the London Rogues, members of the Star Wars Fan-Force! They would like you to know about their Star Wars 30th Anniversary Event. The celebration will be held at Springbank Park, May 18th, between 4-8PM. Some of the events include a costume contest, of course, and a lightsaber tournament, and prizes!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just met Shawn from Rogues Gallery Comics in Windsor, today. He and some friends have put together this comic book review show on YouTube. Here's just a preview of his show Comic Book Syndicate: