Saturday, July 31, 2010

Magic: The Gathering Schedule of Events for August 2010:

Tuesday, August 3rd: Booster Draft (M11)
6:30pm start, $12 entry
Friday, August 6th: FNM ***
6pm start
Tuesday, August 10th: Booster Draft (M11)

6:30pm start, $12 entry
Friday, August 13th: FNM ***
6pm start
Sunday, August 15th: GAME DAY!
11am start, $5 entry
Tuesday, August 17th: Booster Draft (M11)

6:30pm start, $12 entry
Friday, August 20th: FNM ***
6pm start
Tuesday, August 24th: Booster Draft (M11)
6:30pm start
, $12 entry
Friday, August 27th: Standard
6pm start
Tuesday, August 31st: Booster Draft (M11)
6:30pm start
, $12 entry

Exciting news for FNM players this month. We will now be running TWO concurrent FNM events every Friday. You can choose to play Standard OR Booster Draft each Friday, and FNM prize foils will be awarded in each event. There is no cost to play standard, and draft is still only 12 bucks for the 3 booster packs. The FNM foil for August is Krosan Grip. This is the perfect answer card for any artifact or enchantment and it cannot even be stopped by countermagic! Expect this card to be a staple in your collection if you are fortunate enough to get it. Sunday, August 15th is M11 Game Day! Bring your standard deck and compete for booster pack prizes! Finally, if you haven't joined the facebook group yet, the link is available at the right side of this page. I have a tournament in the works for later this month that will feature Archenemy! Once the full details are available, I will post it on our facebook page so stay tuned!


Friday, July 30, 2010

New in Stock This Week!
Comics: Walking Dead volume 12
Trade Paperback Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader Trade Paper Back by Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert!
Life With Archie: The Married Life #1

Games: Speicherstadt

The Swarm

Minis: Kings of War Undead (Various regiments)

Re-Stocked Games This Week:
Munchkin: A whole whack of Munchkin of all varieties!

Last Night on Earth Core Board Game

Talisman 4th Edition

Also, we're looking for someone willing and able to demo or run Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay for us! If you're familiar with the system, and willing to run this for us, please email us at Otherwise, yours truly, the GamerFreak, will have to read all those rules and run the demo. Save me from learning yet another set of RPG rules! My poor brain is begging you! :P

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New This Week!
-Catan: Settlers of America
-Railways of the World Card Game-D&D 4E Demonicon
-D&D 4E Tomb of Horrors
-Shadowrun: Corporate Guide

-Scott Pilgrim Volume 6!!!!-True Blood #1
-GI Joe Real American Hero #156 (Larry Hama is back!)
-CBGB #1-Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide vol 40

Friday, July 16, 2010

-Siege HC
-Fractured Fables HC-Freddy vs Jason vs Ash TP

-M11 set: fat packs,
singles binder,
booster boxes for $125 (tax incl.)!!!

-Battles of Napoleon
-Runebound Expansion: Mists of Zanaga-Wings of War: Flight of the Giants
-Arkham Horror Lurker at the Threshold

Restock of Small World and Battle of Westeros!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Upcoming Event:
D&D Game Day: Dark Sun!

When: Saturday, August 21st, 2010. 11am-4pm(ish)
Where: LA Mood's, of course!

What?: Come check out the newest campaign setting release from Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition with an adventure provided by Wizards of the Coast. No need to create a character - they're provided! Looking for fellow D&D players? This is the place and time to do so. Play with new people, with DMs provided by us. So come and see what WotC is doing with Dark Sun, one of the classic D&D settings!

Friday, July 09, 2010

New This Week!


-Star Wars the Old Republic #1

-Brightest Day #5

-Kill Shakespeare #3

Graphic Novels:

-Scott Pilgrim 1-5 restock

-Blackest Night HC

-Blackest Night Green Lantern HC

-Blackest Night Green Lantern Corps HC


-Jonah Hex 1/6 Scale Figure

Don't Forget:

-Graphic Novel Group meets Saturday, July 10th

-BARGAIN BASEMENT SALE!!!!!!! all dollar comics are now 3 for $1, all former 3 for $1 comics are now 6 for $1!

Monday, July 05, 2010

July Heroclix Events

All events begin at 6pm

July 8th Heroclix
build a 900 pt force
Prize: Clark Kent LE

July 15th Heroclix:
build a 500 point Force

L.A. Mood Heroclix House Rules

1. Theme team rules are not In effect

2. Purple Rings are Legal

Friday, July 02, 2010

-Battlelore-Horrific Horde, &
Battle of Westeros
-Dixit (2010 German Game of the Year)-Zombies!!! 9: Ashes to Ashes
-D&D Minis Orcus Prince of Undeath-Munchkin Waiting for Santa Expansion pack

-Batwoman Elegy HC
-Wonder Woman #600- New Costume, New Writer: Michael Straczynski