Friday, July 29, 2011


Games, Games and More Games!
-Strasbourg-Ikusa (formerly Shogun)
-Quiddler-Munchkin Deluxe

Restocks: Dominion, Settlers of Catan, Munchkin, and Bananagrams!

Comics/Graphic Novels:
-Lenore #3
-The Lives of Sacco and Vanzetti
-Andrew Jackson Jihad- Candy Cigarettes Capguns Issues Problems
-The Black Keys- The Big Come Up
-Geza X & the Mummymen- You Goddam Kids!
-Screaming Trees- Sweet Oblivion

Monday, July 25, 2011

Magic Schedule for August, 2011

Greetings, Spellslingers!  August is shaping up to be a pretty exciting month for Magic at L.A. Mood, so here's the first of many posts to keep you updated on all the events and promotions and astounding product coming out!

IMPORTANT! Please make every effort to arrive by the posted start time.  I will be more diligent about starting events at the posted start time for the month of August, and it'd be great if you guys could be, too!  Note that the start times for all evening events have been officially set at 6:30 pm.

The schedule of events for August 2011 is as follows:

Monday, August 1st - Civil Holiday!  Our regularly scheduled draft is CANCELLED for Monday, August 1st.  Enjoy the long weekend!
Friday, August 5th - FNM! Standard-legal deck required.  6:30 pm start time, no entry fee.
Sunday, August 7th - L5R Tournament!  The Samurai of Rokugan fight for honor, glory and power this Sunday; because of this, our regularly scheduled EDH and casual play event is CANCELLED for Sunday, August 7th.

Monday, August 8th - Monday Night Draft! M12x3. 6:30 pm start time, $12 entry fee, rare re-draft.
Friday, August 12th - FNM! Standard-legal deck required.  6:30 pm start time, no entry fee.
Sunday, August 14th - Magic Game Day!  Come compete with your Standard-legal deck for a chance at the special Game Day full-art promotional cards.  Check out the later post for further details!  11:00 am start time, no entry fee.

Monday, August 15th - Monday Night Draft! M12x3. 6:30 pm start time, $12 entry fee, rare re-draft.
Friday, August 19th - FNM! Important: This week's FNM overlaps with the Canadian Nationals Last-Chance Qualifying Events.  This week's FNM will be scheduled to accomodate the London players (including myself) who will be attending the Canadian Nationals.  Time is TBA!
Sunday, August 21st - Due to overlap with the Canadian Nationals, Sunday Casual has been CANCELLED for this week.

Monday, August 22nd - Monday Night Draft! M12x3. 6:30 pm start time, $12 entry fee, rare re-draft.
Friday, August 26th - FNM! Standard-legal deck required. 6:30 pm start time, no entry fee.
Sunday, August 28th - Grand Prix: Montreal Trial tournament!  Compete in an M12 Sealed event for the chance to win three byes at the upcoming Grand Prix Montreal!  Three byes is an exceptionally awesome prize, and M12 Sealed is just the way to earn them!  Look for all the details in an upcoming announcement!  11:00 am start time, $30 entry fee.

May's FNM Prize foil is the solid land-fetching staple, Cultivate!  Sure to make your Valakut brews that much fancier for their remaining span in Standard, and what's better than a pimped-out Extended deck?

Also, a reminder that it's never to early to pre-order upcoming promotional sets like Premium Decks: Graveborn or Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Bolas. All pre-orders will be honored and if any promotions are announced, they're always retroactively applied to existing pre-orders!  It's a can't-lose proposition!

Preorders have been officially closed for FTV: Legends!  Additional requests for this exciting set will be accepted; however, no guarantees can be made in regards to availability or price.
As always, questions, comments and suggestions can be directed to

See you in the Blind Eternities!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heroclix Event Update

Due to schedule conflict with work

Are ready for a fight is now on July 27th at 6:00pm
Using the new One Vs One rules, build a team of three figures, up to 300 pts
Prizes: Bob: Agent of Hydra Le Figure

Friday, July 22, 2011

-Daredevil #1- only TEN CENTS for members, and only ONE DOLLAR for non- members!!! Until August 20
-Blackest Night Trades: Black Lantern Corps vol. 1 and 2
-McFarlane College Football figures
Restock: Pandemic

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We are proud to be a sponsor for
The Great Canadian Board Game Blitz!

Saturday, August 6
10AM -6PM
at the Fox and the Fiddle
355 Wellington St
London, ON
$5 Entry Fee

Spend the day playing board games with other like-minded folk and you have a chance to win a weekend pass to Fan Expo and compete at the GCBGB National Finals at Fan Expo.

More info can be found here
and here.

Friday, July 15, 2011


-Blackest Night trade paperbacks- Blackest Night, Blackest Night Green Lantern, and Blackest Night Green Lantern Corps!!!
-Dollhouse Epitaphs #1
-The Red Wing #1
-Captain America #1

-Evolving Darwin figures-Doctor Who Exterminate T-shirt

-Blasphemy board game

Sunday, July 10, 2011

L.A. Mood's July Heroclix Schedule
All events Begin at 6:00pm

As per the new usual if changes are needed to Schedule they will be posted.

July 13, Captain America Marquee Event
Buy two boosters of Captain America and build a 300 pt team
Prizes: To be announced

July 21, Some Building Room
Build a team of 600 pts
Prizes: To be announced

July 28, Are ready for a fight
Using the new One Vs One rules, build a team of three figures, up to 300 pts
Prizes: To be announced

L.A. Mood House Rules
1. Purple Rings are legal, and no figures are retired
2. No Battlefield Conditions
3. Feats can only being used on older figures from before the Avengers set

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Core Set Magic 2012: Prerelease Extravaganza!

Magic continues its march forward with the exciting Magic 2012 Core Set this July!  Join us on July 10th for our Magic 2012 Prerelease Sealed-Deck Tournament!

Format: Sealed Deck. 6 boosters of Magic 2012 are provided; from this, construct a deck with a minimum of 40 cards. The rest of your cards are your Sideboard for the duration of the tournament. Lands are provided.

Rounds: Swiss rounds with a cut to top 8. Feature Matches available each round!

Time: Sunday, July the 10th. Registration opens at 10:00 am. The Tournament begins at 11:00 am.

Cost: $27, payable at the door.

Rules and Enforcement: This Prerelease is run at 8k, Regular Rules Enforcement Level - same as an FNM.

~ ~ ~

This tournament will feature Pool Registration and Random Checks to ensure that your deck only contains cards from your pool. Pool Registration will be done at the start of the tournament, and will consist of:

1) Opening your booster packs and noting the contents on the provided pool registration sheet.
2) Passing the contents of the packs, along with the registration sheet, to be double-checked by another player (determined by seating).

The Random Checks consist of:

1) Randomly selecting players at the beginning of a round and briefly examining their deck to ensure only cards registered in their pool are in their decks.

There is NO Deck Registration. You are free to change the details of your deck in between rounds as much as you like, provided you are only using cards registered to your personal pool.

~ ~ ~

In addition to all of the above, generous prizes are available to our top-placing participants (Top 8/Top16 based on attendance) and each and every player will receive a free promotional copy of the sinister Bloodlord of Vaasgoth.  Will the Bloodlord drive Vampiric Aggression as its Core Set predecessor Vampire Nocturnus did?  Only time will tell!

Don't miss out!

Don't forget, questions, comments and concerns can be directed to, 24/7!
Comicbooklady's Previews Highlights

I thought I would try to each month highlight some interesting product that is in the latest Previews to generate preorders. Remember, the stuff in the July Previews will be shipping starting in it is not too early to think about Halloween or even Christmas shopping!

Halloween Comics instead of Candy!
Speaking of Halloween, it's time to order your Halloween Mini Comics. Last year I made up mixed packages of 5 of each of the comics for people to give away at Halloween instead of candy. They were a great success! This year's titles include Scary Godmother, Archie's Laugh, Snarked!, Donald Duck,Casper's Scare School, Fraggle Rock, Smurfs, Mameshiba On the Loose.

Buffy Season 9
Joss Whedon and Andrew Chambliss (Vampire Diaries) work together to write season 9 of Buffy in comics!

Drinky Crow
Cool t-shirts and party light strands based on Tony Millionaire's Drinky Crow character. Everyone needs a t-shirt with a drunken crow on it!

DC Relaunch
The relaunch of 52 DC titles begins, too many to name here but let us know which ones you want on your list. Check out this list here. Also special note, Canadian Jeff Lemire will be doing Animal Man and Frankenstein Agent of SHADE.

Marzi TP
A story about a young girl growing up in communist Poland. It is "a compelling and powerful coming of age story that portrays the harsh realities of life behind the Iron Curtain while maintaining the everyday wonders and curiosity of childhood."

IDW is launching a couple more "it was popular in the 80's" licensed comic book titles....Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Game of Thrones comic book.
Self explanatory. Board Game sold out. I can't find the pocketbook anywhere in the city. Blame it on the popular HBO tv series!

Walking Dead TV Action Figures
Don't groan you knew it would happen! from McFarlane Toys

Walking Dead TV Board Game
Take on the role of Rick, Andrea or one of the other survivors and scrounge for weapons and tools, keep your eyes open but watch your back! from Crytozoic Games.

Walking Dead Comic Board Game
The difference is in the art...I think. This game can be played solo as well as cooperative, brought to you by Zman Games.

Walking Dead Halloween Costumes
Pre-orders only, we will not be stocking these. Rick Grimes, Decomposed Zombie, Little Girl Zombie, and Decayed Zombie adult masks, etc, you get the idea. Check out the Previews at the counter for pics and details of these and other Halloween costumes offered.
So check out July's previews and give us your preorders before July 22.