Saturday, March 31, 2007

Heroclix & Horroclix Events for April

Heroclix Events For April

Events Start at 11am

7th Teammate in Trouble!

700 Point, 1 figure of each team is held captive and must be rescued before it can be given actions

Prize: Arthur Douglas LE

14th Heavyweights

151 to 200 pts, Only One figure allowed

Prizes: Victor Shade LE

21st 4 X 4

400 pts must have 4 figs no more mo less

Prize: : Animal Master LE

28th Invitational Qualifier

Buy three Boosters and build a 300 Army

Prize: Michael Carter LE

Horrorclix Events For April

5th Alien Invasion

Everyone Vs a 1000 pts of Aliens & the Alien Queen with Her Egg Sac.
Point total depends on Attendance of Players

19th It's my Party and The Monster are Invited!

800 pt team, It's the Rave of the Year and the Local Monsters have found it!
More Victims than you can shake a stick at!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Last Will and Testament: Captain America

To whom do super heroes leave their legacy, when they die? Check out this link to find out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Board Game Days!

A table full of Zombies!!!

Oh! the Arkham Horror!!!

Thanks to Jeff and Andrea for their time and effort!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Captain America assassinated in issue #25! and yes we're sold out, so don't ask! It hit the papers, the news; it was the number one request by phone this week (then comes Buffy #1, also just sold out). So do you care that Cap is dead?

Here's London Free Press' Dan Brown's take on the demise of Captain America. You can read it here.

Please feel free to let us know what you think about Captain America, Civil War or the direction Marvel comics is going in the comments.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Board Game Days & Munchkin Tournament

Sunday, March 11 at Noon-ish
, John will be hosting the first ever Munchkin Tournament! Call us crazy but it's true! Kill the Monsters! Steal the Treasue! Stab your Buddy!

Fast-playing and silly! All are welcome!

The following weekend Jeff and Andrea will be hosting Board Game Days! Here's your chance to try out some new games or just have a good time playing with some new friends.

An exclusive board game coupon will be given out to all who participate as well as a few door prizes. So come on down and have a good time!

Board Game Days
Drop in and Play!
Saturday & Sunday, March 17 & 18

Saturday, March 17
12 -3 PM

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Civil War is Over, But what did it Accomplish?

After reading both Civil War #7 (and many reviews of it) and Civil War Frontline #11, like most people I left with something less than a great feeling. For all their talk of starting a brand period in the Marvel universe, I can't help but think that all they did was just setup the next set of crossover books (see House of M and it's follow up titles Decimation for example). I don't feel excited at the new bunch of titles or this new status quo. If anything I felt they have damaged their characters more than anything, in Captain America (who they've effectively neutered), Iron Man (whose has become the greatest jackass in the MU and for being a poster boy for the ends justify the means) and Mr Fantastic and the Invisible Woman (for them just being horribly written out of character and for whose actions are just stupid). I also love the fact how populace of the MU is split on the registration act to start with but somewhere between Civil War Frontline #10 & 11 & Civil war #7, became united behind it. or that NOW all of a sudden they have become concerned about the collateral damage from superpower battles. Same with Speedball whose feelings and opinions changed magically as well between Frontline #9 & 10.

And that is probably the worst criticism of both series is that too much happens to these characters that we are not seeing, and while the editors at try to justify the character actions on internet websites. Maybe they should made sure that it came across in the reading experience itself.

In the end even thought Civil War was huge financial win fall for Marvel, when read with anything of a critical perspective, it's pretty much a mindless action flick with characters lurching wildly around with no real purpose.

For something a little more the fun side I give you

Civil War in 30 Seconds!! enjoy