Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Heroclix Events

Events start at 6pm

14th Weds CRISIS Week 9 Floor

600 pts 75% must be from Crisis

Prize: Anti-matter Universe BFC

21st weds CRISIS Week 10:

Special Unrestricted

600 pts from DC sets Only, limit of 30 pts on feats

Prize: Boy Wonder (Jason Todd) LE

24th Sat CRISIS Week 11: Restricted

600 pts, limit of 30 pts on feats

Prize: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Supergirl Event dial LE

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Only 8 more days
until Free Comic Book Day!!!
Don't forget to pick up your passports
for comic shop crossover!

As well, comic fans everywhere are eagerly anticipating the release of the new Iron Man movie! Did you know that Rainbow Cinemas in Galleria is having an advanced screening, open to the public, of the Iron Man movie at 8Pm on Thursday, May 1st?!! Gordzilla and I are going and hope to see you there. If you go, be sure to save your ticket stubs for a draw for IronMan: Demon in a Bottle HC or a FCBD t-shirt. Drop your ticket stubs, with your name, phone number and email address, by the store by Monday, May 5th 6PM to be eligible for the draw.

New this week:

Secret Invasion tie-ins: Ms Marvel#26 and Mighty Avengers #12
Hulk #3
Thor #8
Countdown to Crisis (Final Issue) #1
JLA #20
Batman #675
Supernatural: Rising Son #1 of 6...based on the TV show

Buffy RPG
Angel RPG
Army of Darkness RPG
Serenity RPG

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

May FNMs!

May 2nd -- Shadowmoor booster draft, no afterdraft. (Packs will be available though, don't worry!)
May 9th -- Standard with afterdraft
May 16th -- Booster draft, with after draft
May 23 -- Standard with afterdraft
May 30 -- Booster draft with afterdraft.
Shadowmoor Release Party!

In honor of the release of Shadowmoor, we're having a party, and you're invited!

The release will be Sunday May 4th and will begin at 10am.

The event will be run in the same fashion as the Morningtide release was, with 4 rounds and everyone with three or more wins receiving prizes.

In particular:

4 wins will win you 9 packs.
3 wins and a draw will win you 6 packs.
3 wins and a loss will win you 3 packs.

Note, these prizes are the bare minimum, and the more people who attend, the more prizes the winners will get! And there will be a lot of door prizes as well, so no one will leave empty handed!

The entry cost will be $25, and will purchase your sealed pool, as well as contribute to the prize fund! As well, Wizards is going to send us a bunch of great promos (including those Vexing Shushers...) so you should be sure to come out!

Friday, April 18, 2008

New this week!

Captain America #37....hmmm, that last page... not Skrulls, but...No, I can't give it away, you'll have to check it out!
X-men:Divided we Stand #1 of 2
Dreamwar #1 Supes, Batman, and Wonder Woman enter the Wildstorm universe to give the sales a boost.
The Amory Wars: Second Stage Turbine Blade TP the collected book of the popular comic based on the universe created by the rock band Coheed and Cambria.

Plus, we've had a sneek peek on some of this year's free comics! And as usual, my favourite is Bongo Comics Free-for-All!...I always knew Principal Skinner's mother was a Skrull!

Cash 'n Guns: Yakuza expansion
Eye of Judgement: Biolith Rebellion 2 boosters

Friday, April 11, 2008

New this week:

Justice Society of America #14
Serenity: Better Days #2
Wolveringe #64

Weekly restock of trade paperbacks! Check it out!

Chaotic TCG: Zenith of the Hive boosters
Munchkin 6: Demented Dungeons
Bacchus' Banquet

Our discount tables are back! Check out our reduced games and toys!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

April Heroclix Events Schedule

Events start at 6pm

10th Thurs CRISIS Week 5: Floor Event

400 pts, 50% must be from Crisis

Prize: Wally West LE

17th Thurs CRISIS Week 6: Restricted

400 pts from Restricted sets

Prize: Donna Troy LE

24th Thurs CRISIS Week 7: Floor

500 pts, 50% must be from Crisis

Prize: Garth LE

30th Weds CRISIS Week 8:

Special Restricted

500 pts, built from DC restricted sets

Prize: Roy Harper LE

Friday, April 04, 2008

New this week:

Buffy #13
Angel: After the Fall #6
Dark Tower: Long Road Home #2
Secret Invasion #1....well, well, Cap really dead or was he a Skrull? Aunt May? Skrull or not a Skrull? lots of questions, no answers! Another Mighty Marvel Crossover!
Cable shield! there's nothing funnier than having Cable running around with a baby strapped to his chest!

D&D Minis: Dungeons of Dread plus new starters! I like these new starters with the window packaging!

Free Comic Book Day is only a month away! This is the time that the London comic stores unite to give away lots of stuff with their annual Comic Shop Crossover! We promise no Skrulls... but who can you trust? Keep your eye out for your passport to win, soon to be available at these 5 participating stores:
L.A. Mood Comics & Games
Comic Book Collector
Neo Tokyo
Worlds Away

Check out this FCBD commercial on Youtube. What do you think? Can you make a better commercial for FCBD? Diamond Comics is having a contest, comic fans are encouraged to make their own commercials, and the person with the most creative commercial will win a $250 gift certificate from your favourite comic store! L.A. Mood will be happy to cooperate with would-be film makers!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April FNMs!

April 04 -- Standard, with afterdraft.
April 11 -- Draft, with no afterdraft.
April 18 -- Standard, with afterdraft.
April 25 -- Standard, with no afterdraft.

Please note the lack of afterdrafts on the 11th and 25th. I will provide packs at the usual price for those lucky enough to not have work or exams the following day. :)

Also, Shadowmoor is coming!
Be sure to come in and preorder your packs while there's still time. Our best price only applies to preorders.