Friday, April 18, 2008

New this week!

Captain America #37....hmmm, that last page... not Skrulls, but...No, I can't give it away, you'll have to check it out!
X-men:Divided we Stand #1 of 2
Dreamwar #1 Supes, Batman, and Wonder Woman enter the Wildstorm universe to give the sales a boost.
The Amory Wars: Second Stage Turbine Blade TP the collected book of the popular comic based on the universe created by the rock band Coheed and Cambria.

Plus, we've had a sneek peek on some of this year's free comics! And as usual, my favourite is Bongo Comics Free-for-All!...I always knew Principal Skinner's mother was a Skrull!

Cash 'n Guns: Yakuza expansion
Eye of Judgement: Biolith Rebellion 2 boosters

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