Thursday, April 24, 2008

Only 8 more days
until Free Comic Book Day!!!
Don't forget to pick up your passports
for comic shop crossover!

As well, comic fans everywhere are eagerly anticipating the release of the new Iron Man movie! Did you know that Rainbow Cinemas in Galleria is having an advanced screening, open to the public, of the Iron Man movie at 8Pm on Thursday, May 1st?!! Gordzilla and I are going and hope to see you there. If you go, be sure to save your ticket stubs for a draw for IronMan: Demon in a Bottle HC or a FCBD t-shirt. Drop your ticket stubs, with your name, phone number and email address, by the store by Monday, May 5th 6PM to be eligible for the draw.

New this week:

Secret Invasion tie-ins: Ms Marvel#26 and Mighty Avengers #12
Hulk #3
Thor #8
Countdown to Crisis (Final Issue) #1
JLA #20
Batman #675
Supernatural: Rising Son #1 of 6...based on the TV show

Buffy RPG
Angel RPG
Army of Darkness RPG
Serenity RPG

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