Friday, March 28, 2008

New this week!

Descent: Road to Legend Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games
Star Wars: Legacy of the Force Miniatures
Axis & Allies: North Africa Miniatures
Robotech: Shadow Chronicles Role-Playing Game from Palladium
Thurn & Taxis: All Roads Lead to Rome Expansion
Wings of War: Eagles of the Reich and Flying Legends expansion cards
Pathfinder 7: Edge of Anarchy campaign....Paizo promises to keep on producing product based on the 3.5 open game license.

All Star Superman #10..I just read this comic for the first time, and it really caught my attention, now I have to go back and read the did I miss this?
Secret Invasion tie-ins:
New Avengers #39 (bonus! David Mack art)
Ms Marvel #25....Skrulls, skrulls, everywhere skrulls! and if you need to catch up on your Skrull history, be sure to pick up your free copy of Secret Invasion Saga!

L.A. Mood would like to congratulate one of our customers, Derek Ruttan of the London Free Press, for earning a nomination for Canadian photo journalist of the year. Here is the portfolio he entered. We're rooting for you!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Enjoy your Easter Weekend!!

The store will be open Friday, but only from 12-4 and closed Sunday.

New in this week:

D&D Dungeon Tiles 7: Fane of the Forgotten Gods
Zombie Town 2: Road Rage a new expansion from Twilight Creations Inc.
Innsmouth Escape anther new game from Twilight Creations Inc.
Mwahahaha! a card game of mad scientists and global domination from White Wolf

Overstreet Price Guide vol 38
Justice League of America #19
Angel After the Fall #5Thor #7
Incredible Hercules #115
Captain America #36

I read this in the National Post this morning, Scott Pilgrim, by Bryan Lee O'Malley is to be made into a movie! Bryan Lee O'Malley went to school right here in London! You can check out his website here and a bit about the movie so far here.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Welcome Camarilla Canada and CAiNE!
Mar 13-16

Camarilla Canada is holding their annual CAiNE convention in London, Ontario this year! Participants can enjoy a 20% discount off their gaming purchases at L.A. Mood's just by showing us a valid Camarilla Fan Club Card or bring in their Convention program!

New products this week:

Horrorclix: Nightmares
Horrorclix: Jason vs Freddy action packs
Munchkin Bobble heads
Age of Gods board game
Galaxy Trucker board game

Restock: Pandemic, Diplomacy, Ticket to Ride, plus Europe and Marklin editions, more Settlers of Catan!!! oh yeah, and more DC Heroclix Crisis!

Serenity Better Days #1 of 3...Joss Whedon, 'nuff said!

Monday, March 10, 2008

New this week:

Chaotic CCG back in stock! Decks and boosters!
Star Wars Pocket Models: Order 66

Comics of note:
Dark Tower: Long Road Home #1 of 5
Logan #1 of 3
Buffy #12
Cable #1

Stargate SG-1 series 4

Backing boards back in stock! and because you asked for it they are a little wider than the old ones, now 7 inches wide and fit more snugly in the bag.

Carol's picks:
Kick-Ass #1 I didn't think I would like any comic with this title, but I was wrong. I quite enjoyed it! Written by Mike Millar, it's about a boy and his dream to be a superhero. It kicks *ss!

Rasl #1 A new title by Jeff Smith! An action packed story about a time/dimension jumping thief.

Have you heard the rumour? Joss Whedon to write another TV show for Fox? Read about it here. There is also another 3 part Serenity comic series coming out soon. Don't forget to add it to your list!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

March FNM at l.a. mood!

March 14th -- Draft
March 21st -- Standard
March 28th -- Draft

Be sure to sneak down and try to pick up an amazing foil Eternal Witness. :D