Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Girls and Comics

Are you a girl and do you like comics? Add your 2 cents to the debate of whether or not comics are a guy thing. Dan Brown of the London Free Press asks the big question here.

Here's a quick list of my favourites (some are current, some are done)
Y the Last Man
Alias (not the TV show)
Books of Magic
Simpsons Comics
The Dark Knight Returns
Superman: Red Son
Civil War
Civil War Frontline
Shade the Changing Man
Scary Godmother

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dr Who Day at L.A. Mood's

On September 16, L.A. Mood's and the Brethren from Time and Space were happy to host a Dr Who Fan appreciation day.

Fans brought in some of their favourite memorabilia and were able to watch some new and old episodes as well as a documentary, 30 Years in the Tardis.

Here at L.A. Mood's we've seen a warm reception to the latest Dr Who and people are anxious to see the latest season. I've seen some argue that Dr Who is better than Star Trek! Imagine that...maybe Firefly is better than Star Trek...but Dr Who...I am not so sure. (We welcome your comments :)

Ray from the Brethren of Time and Space

Local fans enjoying some Dr Who episodes.

Display of Dr Who stuff, featuring some really cool Daleks and a Tardis made from Lego!

Made by Marlon, you can check out other cool Lego creations at

Saturday, September 23, 2006

This weeks Friday Night Magic Put our players Extended skills to the test. After 4 rounds of play Carl came out on top with an undefeted streak going 4 - 0.
Friday sept 29 sees a sealed tournament with 1 Ravnica tournament pack and a Dessension and Guildpact booster to build with.
Don't forget to come early to take advantage of our 50% off Magic Singles for tournament players.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Which Side are you On?

Now that Civil War #4 has shipped and on store shelves, People have had a chance to see how each part of the Marvel Universe has acted in this Civil War, so now with you have had a chance to get more information, lets ask that question Marvel been asking since the beginning of year almost.

Whose Side are you on?

A: With Iron Man and the Pro-Registration Side

B: With Captain
America and the Anti-Registration Side

C: With the X-Men getting their act together and blasting the Sentinels off their front lawn, and telling off O*N*E (aka the government)

D: I don't need no Civil War

We look forward to your responses

Saturday, September 16, 2006

HorrorClix Tournament Schedule September 2006
Thursdays at 5:30 PM

September 21 - "A Sticky Situation"
September 28 - "Call An Exterminator"

October 5 - "Said the Spider to the Fly"

See also Wiz Kids Games link in the sidebar.
HeroClix Tournaments September/October 2006
Saturdays at 11 AM

September 23 - 500 pts - "Good Olde Fist Fight"
September 30 - 1000 pts - " Chaos Battle 2: The Sequel"

October 3 - 1000 pts - "Fan Favourite"
October 14 - 700 pts - "Assault & Defend"
October 21 - Supernova New Guy Event:
New Player receives a free Limited Edition Silver Centurion Iron Man!
October 28 - 600 pts - "Halloween Battle"

See also Wiz Kids Games link in sidebar.
Friday Night Magic Schedule September/October 2006
Fridays at 6:00 PM
Participating Players can buy Magic singles for 50% off on Fridays at 5:30 PM

September 22 - Extended
September 29 - Sealed Deck

October 6 - Booster Draft
October 13 - Standard
October 20 - Sealed Deck

Please note for more information regarding FNM check the link in the sidebar.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Classic Corny Cover!
or Bring Back the Word Balloons, Baby!

In case you can't read it on line I'll transcribe the cover dialogue of "Supergirl starring in Adventure Comics #388 featuring---"The Romance MACHINE!"

-Be with you in a minute, darling... as soon as I finish dressing!
....He doesn't dream his date, Linda Danvers, is Supergirl!

-Take your time, Linda Baby!
....She doesn't dream I'm a computer, programmed by Brainiac to break her heart!

It's classic! Did you check out the ruffles?! Groovy! and that sophisticated computer on his chest...mmm...Analog!