Saturday, September 23, 2006

This weeks Friday Night Magic Put our players Extended skills to the test. After 4 rounds of play Carl came out on top with an undefeted streak going 4 - 0.
Friday sept 29 sees a sealed tournament with 1 Ravnica tournament pack and a Dessension and Guildpact booster to build with.
Don't forget to come early to take advantage of our 50% off Magic Singles for tournament players.


psilence6k said...

Fear me mortals, for I shall be there this Friday (Oct 6!) to crush your petty hopes of vengeance and retribution beneath my plated boot once again! Bwahahahahaha! *takes a breath* Bwahahahahaha! *agh! my lungs... I need another smoke... *

psilence6k said...

Poor, poor, Stryker... The call is out young man, let's see the beef!! 24 hours from now shall your suffering begin anew as unfortunate events befall you resulting in ruin! And as you froth and slaver about forthcoming defeat, you have only the demented "Dobbsy Baby" to act as Dorothy to your Toto!!! Hohohohoho!!! ;-)

Stryker said...

Unfortunatly for you Nassim showed and Wooped all of us!