Thursday, March 28, 2013

L.A. Mood's April Heroclix Schedule

L.A. Mood's April Heroclix Schedule
All events Begin at 6:00pm unless posted otherwise

April 4 DOOMSDAY! Scenario event.
Choose a figure no more than 100pts see if you can survive the coming of Doomsday.
Prize: The Zombie Limited Edition Figure

April 11 No Man’s Land Month 5 Event
Build a 600 point Team.  300 pts must be from either; Batman, Streets of Gotham or No Man’s Land sets and the remaining 300 pts must be from other sets All Games Will be played on the Gotham Waterfront Map
Prizes:  Killer Croc Limited Edition figures for first place and Second Place and Fellowship,
Re-Breather 3D Objects/resource for participation prize, as well as 10 double-sided maps

April 18 Fan favorite with Toys
Build a 1000 point Team.  Half actions and in addition to your usual objects you may assign a single relic to any one character to the start the game with
Prizes:  Dr. Octopus Arms 3D Objects

April 25 Heroclix League Event!
Build a 400pt team, with your chosen Keyword.
 If you don’t have a chosen to be in the league events, there are many left to choose from. They can be selected by attending any event and speaking with the Judge.
Prize: TBA

L.A. Mood House Rules
1. Purple Rings are legal, and no figures are retired
2. No Battlefield Conditions
3. Feats can only being used on older figures from before the Avengers set
4. Player are expected to bring a map that will be used, players may use either side if the map is double sided.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

For the Month of April we are going to run an experement during FNM. we are going to offer a $2 FNM and a $5 FNM. The $2 FNM will be the same as usual. The prizes will still be booster packs. The $5 FNM prizes will be booster packs with the option of taking store credit. The payout for the $5 FNM will either be top 4 or top 8 depending on attendence. There will still be the 8:30 draft.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New at LA MOOD!!

New Comics!
 Spera Volume Two

This super cool title comes from London's own Josh Tierny and a plethora of talented artists from across the globe!!
In their quest for adventure the characters in Spera have made their way to the big city. There they must contend with strange laws, stranger men and the strangest monsters if they wish to join the city’s prestigious Adventurer’s Guild — and then, only if the enigmatic Rale will let them! Lushly illustrated in many different styles this book both absorbing to read and candy for the eyes!

Charles Burns X'd Out

Drawing inspiration from such diverse influences as Herge and William Burroughs, Charles Burns has given us a dazzling Spectral fever dream and comic book masterpiece! If you're not familiar with Burns work this beautiful and eerie book is a great place to start! Perfect for those looking for something off the beaten path!

Joe The Barbarian

Joe is a teenage boy with type 1 diabetes. When his blood sugar drops he begins to hallucinate and enters a fantasy world populated with his toys and other fantasy characters. Here he battles the evil King Death while in the real world he searches for some sugar. This critically acclaimed series from Grant Morrison is now available in trade!

Ditko Monsters Volume1: Gorgo!           

First of all we don't know what you are talking about. Godzil-What? There is only GORGO!! Steve Ditko created this completely original monster after seeing an unnamed movie. Enjoy as Gorgo destroys all in his path in this hefty volume worthy of a giant reptile! (It also has the coolest barcode you'll ever see)

New Games!
Star Wars X-Wing Slave 1 and Millenium Falcon

These are the Star Wars Miniatures expansions you've been waiting for! Tell Han and Chewie to step aside as you jump in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. Then play as Bobba Fett as you haul a frozen Han popsicle across the galaxy! The detail on these miniatures is excellent! Use it in the game or put it on your desk at work-We guarantee your boss will love it! (Disclaimer: LA Mood does not guarantee your boss will love it)


Actually not only is it back in stock-It's better than ever!! The 2013 edition of the game out with new artwork, a complete visual redesign and 2 new roles!

Graphic Novel Group! 

As we are sure you already know LA Mood hosts a popular Graphic Novel Reading Group here at the store on the second Saturday of every month. Next month's book to be discussed is Neil Gaiman's 1609.

Swing by the store and pick it up-or any other title included in The Graphic Novel Reading group for 25 % off! Whatta deal!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

March Magic Schedule
FNM Standard -   
Start Time 6:30; 
Entry Fee $2; 
Swiss Rounds; 
Prizes consist of 3 booster packs for every four entrants, distributed 30%-20%-20%-10%-5%-5%-5%-5% to the Top 8 finishers, rounded down to a minimum of one, with remainders going to the top two players. (e.g., 30 players = 23 booster packs = 7/5/4/3/1/1/1/1 booster pack prizes to the Top 8).  FNM foils distributed to the Top 2 players automatically.

FNM Drafts -  
Start Time approx. 8:30 (after two rounds of Standard); 
Entry Fee $10; 
Keep What You Draft; 
Swiss Rounds;
Latest Draft Format (e.g., currently Gatecrash); 
Prizes consist of 3/2/1/1 booster pack prizes (based on 8 players) to the Top 3 and FNM foils distributed to the Top 2 players automatically.

Other prizes, like foil door prizes and other handouts, including Intro packs and Battle Packs, will be distributed as before, with a door prize pool equal to about half the number of entrants!  Based on our average 30-man FNM attendance (you can see the  expected prize distribution above), I think this is an exceptionally exciting change.  Let everyone know about our huge FNMs - the more people who play, the larger the prize pool gets!

 March Schedule

Mar1 -FNM Standard-legal deck required. 6:30 pm start time, $2 entry fee.  $10 3-2-1 -1draft available at 8:30 pm.
Mar 4- Monday Night Standard.
6:30PM Start Time  $5 entry prize goes into store credit.
Mar 5- Gatecrach League Starts 6:30 pm $30 entry details below.
Mar 7- Thursday Standard
$5.00 entry for store credit. 6.30pm start time.
Mar 8- FNM
Standard-legal deck required. 6:30 pm start time, $2 entry fee.  $10 3-2-1-1 draft available at 8:30 pm
Mar 10 - Commander League Starts 3:00pm Gatecrash League 3:00pm
Mar 11 - Monday Night Draft
6:30PM Start Time  Gatecrash Rare Redraft $12 entry fee
Mar 12- Gatecrash Sealed League 6:30pm
Mar 14  Thursday Standard
$5.00 entry for store credit. 6.30pm start time.
Mar 15 - FNM
Standard-legal deck required. 6:30 pm start time, $2 entry fee.  $10 3-2-1-1 draft available at 8:30 pm.
Mar 17 - Commander League Starts 3:00pm Gatecrash League 3:00pm
Mar 18 -  Monday Night Standard
6:30PM Start Time  $5 entry prize goes into store credit
Mar 19- Gatecrash League 6:30pm
Mar 22- FNM Standard-legal deck required. 6:30 pm start time, $2 entry fee.  $10 3-2-1-1 draft available at 8:30 pm.
Mar 24 - Commander League Starts 3:00pm Gatecrash League 3:00pm
Mar 25 -   Monday Night Draft
6:30PM Start Time Gatecrash Rare Redraft $12 entry fee
Mar 26-  Gatecrash League 6:30pm
Mar 29-  FNM Standard-legal deck required. 6:30 pm start time, $2 entry fee.  $10 3-2-1-1 draft available at 8:30 pm.



Gatecrash Sealed League
Starts Feb 5 at 6:30pm
The league will last 8 weeks and after the top eight players will playoff for prizes
$30 entry 
League days will be Sunday at 3pm and Tues at 6:30 and anytime at FNM
There will not be any trading but you will be able to buy one pack a week to add to you deck.
Gain 1 point for a win and lose 1 point for a loss.
Headhunter bonus. If you successfully beat a person 5 points you get 2 points.
A person cant challenge anyone 5 points below them, but you can challange anyone that is above you.
Once someone has won a match they will be able to take one card at random from the losers side board. The loser will be able to protect two cards
The prize pool for the league will be two booster boxes of Gatecrash.
The winner of the league will win free entry into the next league

Commander League

Starts Feb 10 at 3pm
The League will last for 2 months.
The entry will be a one time $5 fee that will go into the prize pot.
The league will be based on the Armada Games point league.
League will consist of 2 two hour matches with tables of four people.
After each match the point totals will be added to each persons league total
At the end of the league the prize pool will be divided among the top 8 players.
There will be other prizes that will be given away like Foil generals, alters and the like.
This is going to be a casual fun league so degenerate combo based decks are strongly discouraged.

Commander League Points

-4 Points
But we just started- Eliminating a player prior to their 5th turn
-2 Points
Chasm- Be the instigator of wrecking one or more players mana bases. This include spells like Choke, Armageddon, Bust, etc.
Only there for its colour- Finishing the game without playing your General. If a player did not have the ability to cast their general during the game, they do not receive this award.
-1 Point
Greedy McGreederson- Take 3 or more turns in a row

+1 Point
Attention - Deal 6 or more damage to yourself in 1 turn 
BlackjackControl two creatures whose power is exactly 21.
Chumpzilla -  Control 10 or more token creatures
Clash of the Titans – Control 5 + Legendary Creatures
Collusion FTW – Give another player an extra turn
Edge of Disaster-  First person to have fewer than 10 cards in their library
Forth Times the Charm – Resolve your General 4 times in a single game from the Command Zone
Generalissimo- Eliminate a player with General Damage.
Good Samaritan – Intentionally cause an opponent to gain 10+ life
Generosity- Make another player draw 3 or more cards in one turn. (Having Howling Mine and the like does not count)
I got this -  Eliminate an opponent during another opponents turn.
I’m out – Be the first person eliminated from the table.
Indiana Jones – Control 5 or more non land, non creature artifacts.
Iron Man – Equip a creature with 4 or more equipments.
It’s Waffer Thin – Eliminate an opponent with a 1/1 creature.
Look at Me- Be the last player remaining in a pod.
Lucky 13 – Have a single creature deal exactly 13 points of combat damage to a player in one hit.
Send it back – Eliminate a player with a spell or permanent they own
Start with the Top- Destroy or Exile a Sensei’s Diving Top you don’t control
Suicide Bomber – Eliminate all remaining players at the same time including yourself
Where’s Timmy-  Put an opponent at 1 life

+2 Points
Cramped Quarters – Control at least 40 different non-token permanents at the same time.
I Brought Friends -  Control 3+ Planeswalkers at the same time
Intention – Deal 12 or more damage to yourself in 1 turn. (Can’t earn both Attention and Intention.)
You’re outta here – Kill a player or being directly responsible for a player’s elimination.
+3 Points
Get There- Cast your general when total cost is 20 or more.
+4 Points
The Cheese stands Alone -  Win the game with 2 or more opponents still in the game by none infinite ways.

End of Game Points

+1 Point – The bigger they are the Harder they fall. The person with the hightest life total when they died.
+1 Point – He who dies with the most toys loses – The person who had the least artifacts in play when they died wins a point.
+1 Point – What Friends – The person who had the least creatures in play when they died wins a point.
+1 Point – Huge Tracts of land- The person who had the least lands in play when they died wins a point.