Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New at LA MOOD!!

New Comics!
 Spera Volume Two

This super cool title comes from London's own Josh Tierny and a plethora of talented artists from across the globe!!
In their quest for adventure the characters in Spera have made their way to the big city. There they must contend with strange laws, stranger men and the strangest monsters if they wish to join the city’s prestigious Adventurer’s Guild — and then, only if the enigmatic Rale will let them! Lushly illustrated in many different styles this book both absorbing to read and candy for the eyes!

Charles Burns X'd Out

Drawing inspiration from such diverse influences as Herge and William Burroughs, Charles Burns has given us a dazzling Spectral fever dream and comic book masterpiece! If you're not familiar with Burns work this beautiful and eerie book is a great place to start! Perfect for those looking for something off the beaten path!

Joe The Barbarian

Joe is a teenage boy with type 1 diabetes. When his blood sugar drops he begins to hallucinate and enters a fantasy world populated with his toys and other fantasy characters. Here he battles the evil King Death while in the real world he searches for some sugar. This critically acclaimed series from Grant Morrison is now available in trade!

Ditko Monsters Volume1: Gorgo!           

First of all we don't know what you are talking about. Godzil-What? There is only GORGO!! Steve Ditko created this completely original monster after seeing an unnamed movie. Enjoy as Gorgo destroys all in his path in this hefty volume worthy of a giant reptile! (It also has the coolest barcode you'll ever see)

New Games!
Star Wars X-Wing Slave 1 and Millenium Falcon

These are the Star Wars Miniatures expansions you've been waiting for! Tell Han and Chewie to step aside as you jump in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. Then play as Bobba Fett as you haul a frozen Han popsicle across the galaxy! The detail on these miniatures is excellent! Use it in the game or put it on your desk at work-We guarantee your boss will love it! (Disclaimer: LA Mood does not guarantee your boss will love it)


Actually not only is it back in stock-It's better than ever!! The 2013 edition of the game out with new artwork, a complete visual redesign and 2 new roles!

Graphic Novel Group! 

As we are sure you already know LA Mood hosts a popular Graphic Novel Reading Group here at the store on the second Saturday of every month. Next month's book to be discussed is Neil Gaiman's 1609.

Swing by the store and pick it up-or any other title included in The Graphic Novel Reading group for 25 % off! Whatta deal!

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