Tuesday, September 29, 2009

October Heroclix & Star Wars Minis Schedule
Games starts at 6:00pm

Oct. 1 Star Wars Minis
Build a 150 pt team and play

Oct. 8 Heroclix
Build a 500 pt team and play

Oct. 15 Star Wars Minis
Build a 200 pt team and play
must pure faction, fringe counted as it's own fraction

Oct 22 Heroclix
1000 pts and 5 action per turn

Oct 29 Star Wars Minis

Friday, September 25, 2009

Scenes from a D&D Day! Definitely a full house!

Thanks to all our DM's: John, Charles, Dylan, Ira, Paul, & Tom!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sept. 24 Heroclix Event
Game starts at 6:00pm

Build a 300 point team
and come on out

October Heroclix and Star Wars Minis Schedule coming soon!

The return of Heroclix has come!
Pre-order Marvel Heroclix Hammer of Thor now!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Carol's pick: Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth #1 only $1.00!

Poor Gus is one of the last kids left born after the "accident". His Dad says God decided to make them special, so these kids were born with fur, tails or antlers. But not everyone thinks they're special, beware the hunters! Lemire describes his tale as a "post-apocalyptic, neo-western, action-adventure, science-fiction, road-movie hybrid." I would call it a sweet, gripping, haunting tale.

Check out Lemire's Sweet Tooth blog and take advantage of his limited offer:

Send Jeff your copy (or copies) of Sweet Tooth #1 along with a self addressed return envelope. He will sign the book(s) and return it along with an head sketch of a Sweet Tooth character! You will get a sketch for each copy sent, (so if you send 2 copies, you get 2 sketches back, 6 copies=6 sketches, Maximum 6 per reader). Jeff lives in Toronto! So not too far at all....

Jeff has received critical acclaim for his Essex County trilogy, and The Nobody.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Worldwide D&D Day Saturday, September 19, 11 AM

Come on down to L.A. Mood's on Saturday, September 19, at 11AM to play D&D 4E among friends on Worldwide D&D Day. In conjunction with the release of the Dungeon Master's Guide 2, this D&D Day has a "learn how to create your own adventure" component or you can just play the adventure provided.

Seating is limited so please sign up early, and let us know whether you want to partake in adventure building or just play.

Email, call or come on down in person to sign up!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hey folks, back again with the monthly Magic updates!

First off, the event schedule for September:

Magic: The Gathering Schedule of Events for September 2009:

Friday, September 4th: Standard
6pm Start
Sunday, September 6th: Open Play
12pm Start
Tuesday, September 8th: Draft (M10)
6:30pm Start
Friday, September 11th: Standard
6pm Start
Sunday, September 13th: Open Play
12pm Start
Tuesday, September 15th: Draft (M10)
6:30pm Start
Friday, September 18th: Standard
6pm Start
Sunday, September 20th: Open Play
12pm Start
Tuesday, September 22nd: Draft (M10)
6:30pm Start
Friday, September 25th: Standard
6pm Start
Sunday, September 27th: Zendikar Sealed Deck Prerelease Tournament
11am Start
Tuesday, September 29th: Draft (M10)
6:30pm Start

Many of you will notice that I have added a day to the regular Magic schedule. Every Sunday, we will be hosting either open play or a scheduled tournament. I want to give our players a chance to explore other variations of Magic play, from multi-player formats to Elder Dragon Highlander, and also open up another day that players can come in to pursue the singles they are looking for to finish their decks. This Sunday will be a great chance for some of our players to explore the new Planechase mechanics with Planechase available for sale this Friday.

Next, the L.A. Mood Killers team search tournament series has been put on hold for the time being. There has not been enough interest to warrant running them at this time. I will however be handpicking team members from our regular tournament attendees and trying to develop a team from there. Congratulations to Jerry Masse, our first member to join the team by winning the team search tournament held last month.

Finally, we will be holding a Zendikar prerelease tournament on Sunday, September 27th. The format is sealed deck with 6 booster packs of Zendikar to build your decks with. The cost is $25.00 to play. Stay tuned for the Zendikar prerelease card to be given away to prerelease attendees. Once the card is announced I will post it here.

Thanks for tuning in this month folks, I hope to see you at our Magic events.

Jeyo the Jester