Friday, September 18, 2009

Carol's pick: Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth #1 only $1.00!

Poor Gus is one of the last kids left born after the "accident". His Dad says God decided to make them special, so these kids were born with fur, tails or antlers. But not everyone thinks they're special, beware the hunters! Lemire describes his tale as a "post-apocalyptic, neo-western, action-adventure, science-fiction, road-movie hybrid." I would call it a sweet, gripping, haunting tale.

Check out Lemire's Sweet Tooth blog and take advantage of his limited offer:

Send Jeff your copy (or copies) of Sweet Tooth #1 along with a self addressed return envelope. He will sign the book(s) and return it along with an head sketch of a Sweet Tooth character! You will get a sketch for each copy sent, (so if you send 2 copies, you get 2 sketches back, 6 copies=6 sketches, Maximum 6 per reader). Jeff lives in Toronto! So not too far at all....

Jeff has received critical acclaim for his Essex County trilogy, and The Nobody.


God's little treasures said...

You should do a special review of Ghost world.
I guess thats a graphic novel, but really whats the difference?!

comicbooklady said...

Thanks GLT, will put it on the to-do list for our Graphic Novel Group. Check out LA Mood Graphic Novel on Facebook for GN reviews and discussion!.... but really you should check out Sweet Tooth I think you would like it! and when you're in London Ontario please drop by!