Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Horrorclix Update!!

Well... I must of heard wrong, cause our shippment of Horrorclix is here!!!

The mins in the the starter look fantastic. So these will be on sale tomorrow, Wed Aug. 30th.

Let the terror begin

Monday, August 28, 2006

Horrorclix & D&D Minis: Icons Colossal Red Dragon in Friday!

After talking to our supplier this afternoon, I can let everyone know, that the Horrorclix Starter, Boosters, and the The Colossal Red Dragon for the D&D Minis, will arrive at the store and will be out for sale this Friday, Sept.1!!.

It's gonna be weekend of miniature gaming maddness here.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Heads up on September's 15th Anniversary Sale!

We will be having a sale on back issues on September the 15 and 16. Regular back issues will be 50% off and premium back issues will be 25% off!

Also on Saturday, September 16th, we will be having a Dr. Who Day! Bring in your favourite Dr Who collectables for display! Stay and watch some episodes! More details to follow as they become available.
Newest Heroclix Info & a look to Horrorclix's future

The Release date for the next Heroclix set, Marvel Supernova has been moved from Oct. 25 to Nov. 15 2006.
the cause of the relase date change is so that Wizkids can enforce it new quality measures on Supernova. (which after some Sinister problems is good news imo) The Press release can be read here. Also from the same press release are the dates for the next New Guy Night (or day as we have events usually at 11 am), which will be Oct. 21 Sat. The limited edition give away this time will the "Silver Centurion" Iron Man. The Supernova marquee is tentatively planned for the 16th of Nov.

Also at this time we are coming closer & closer to Horrorclix's launch date of Aug. 30, the store will be running events for new game, as we have an envoy or "Zombie Master" signed up to run events, be on the lookout fo flyers for the first event.

Also I found some info about a future release that may interest people. Now be aware we have no release date yet, and I'm guess it will be sometime in 2007 but there will be AVP Alien Queen Horrorclix piece! the best part is that it will be sold in retail locations (like us). So be sure to pick up a clixbrick (12 boosters) of the first set of Horrorclix, so you can not only get a discount, but first dibs on the AVP Aliens collector's set from Wizkids.

Sad news today for Stargate fans

August 22, 2006
The Sci Fi Channel has announced that Stargate SG-1 will end after the current season, after ten years and 215 episodes. It will end as the longest-running science fiction series in the history of American television.

Stargate Atlantis will continue, and a third series is also in development.

Monday, August 21, 2006

This press release is from Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc:

(Baltimore, MD) -- August 15, 2006 -- Free Comic Book Day is set to be celebrated around the world on May 5, 2007. Traditionally held the first Saturday in May, the event will both celebrate and raise awareness of this unique art form by giving visitors to approximately 2,000 participating comic book specialty stores a free comic book with no purchase required! Free Comic Book Day 2007 will coincide with opening weekend of Sony's North American release of the highly anticipated comic-based movie, Spider-Man 3, starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. “In today’s society, it’s our pop culture that continues to draw people together,” said Free Comic Book Day spokesperson Elissa Lynch. “Free Comic Book Day celebrates one of the major foundations of pop culture and energizes a new generation of comic book readers." Dozens of comic book publishers will contribute a wide variety of free titles for 2007’s event, with something for every age, reading level, and taste. Many families and friends use the day as a way to explore the world of comic books in a fun-filled setting. Free Comic Book Day generates a significant amount of interest from local communities, as evidenced by the fact that 75% of comic shops report that they gained new customers as a result of the 2006 Free Comic Book Day promotion. Free Comic Book Day was originated by comic shop retailer Joe Field, and is supported by Diamond Comic Distributors, comic shops, and leading publishers such as Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics and Marvel Comics as a way to celebrate the medium, unite the community, thank current readers and, most importantly, invite new readers to visit their local comics shops and explore the variety of stories available in comic form.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ooops, I spoke too soon! Marvel announces Civil War delays.

Direct from Marvel Mailer #13

Over the next few weeks, the CIVIL WAR proper title and a few of the
tie in books that are closely related to the story in the main book
will be shipping later than originally planned. In an attempt to
accommodate the creative team of Millar and McNiven and maintain the
artistic integrity and high standards of the event, we will be shifting
the following titles:

CIVIL WAR 4 (JUN061952; $2.99) moves to 9/20
moves to 9/20
moves to 9/20
FANTASTIC FOUR 540 (JUN061961; $2.99)
moves to 9/20
CIVIL WAR FRONT LINE 6 (JUN061955; $2.99)
moves to 9/27
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 535 (JUN061938; $2.99)
moves to 9/27
CIVIL WAR FRONT LINE 7 (JUL061956; $2.99) moves to 10/11
CIVIL WAR 5 (JUL061952; $2.99)
moves to 11/15
moves to 11/15
CIVIL WAR 5 TURNER SKETCH VARIANT (JUL061954; $2.00) moves to 11/15
CIVIL WAR FRONT LINE 8 (JUL061957; $2.99)
moves to 11/22
PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL 1 (JUL061988; $2.99) moves to 11/22
PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL 1(Black & White)(JUL061989; $2.99)
moves to 11/22
FANTASTIC FOUR 541 (JUL061965; $2.99)
moves to 11/22
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 536 (JUL061941; $2.99)
moves to 11/22
CIVIL WAR 6 (AUG062033; $2.99)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Welcome to L.A. Mood Comics & Games!

This is our 15th year of business! We are celebrating by having surprise sales on the 15th of every month for this year. Today's sale was 20% off Magic the Gathering boosters and starters and 50% off Magic singles! Yee!Ha! Don't fret if you missed that great sale, there are still 4 more surprise sale days this year, and I've heard the December sales will be awesome!

This summer has been awesome at L.A. Mood's. Civil War has been a spectacular success! Who's side are you on? Wednesdays are back this summer as a busy, "I've got to get my comics now" kind of a day! Let's hope Marvel can keep it up!

On the gaming side of things, we just received our Cthulhu Horror Clix. It looks incredible! the detail is amazing. It's a hefty little sucker! We look forward to hosting Horror Clix tournaments and hope they are as popular as the Saturday Heroclix tournaments.