Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Newest Heroclix Info & a look to Horrorclix's future

The Release date for the next Heroclix set, Marvel Supernova has been moved from Oct. 25 to Nov. 15 2006.
the cause of the relase date change is so that Wizkids can enforce it new quality measures on Supernova. (which after some Sinister problems is good news imo) The Press release can be read here. Also from the same press release are the dates for the next New Guy Night (or day as we have events usually at 11 am), which will be Oct. 21 Sat. The limited edition give away this time will the "Silver Centurion" Iron Man. The Supernova marquee is tentatively planned for the 16th of Nov.

Also at this time we are coming closer & closer to Horrorclix's launch date of Aug. 30, the store will be running events for new game, as we have an envoy or "Zombie Master" signed up to run events, be on the lookout fo flyers for the first event.

Also I found some info about a future release that may interest people. Now be aware we have no release date yet, and I'm guess it will be sometime in 2007 but there will be AVP Alien Queen Horrorclix piece! the best part is that it will be sold in retail locations (like us). So be sure to pick up a clixbrick (12 boosters) of the first set of Horrorclix, so you can not only get a discount, but first dibs on the AVP Aliens collector's set from Wizkids.

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