Thursday, October 28, 2010

New in Stock!
Talisman Expansion The Sacred Pool
City of Thieves (FFG)
Kings & Thieves (ZMG)
Mines of Zavandor (ZMG)
Warhammer Fantasy: Signs of Faith

Back in Stock!
Twilight Imperium board game
BIG DICE, giant D20's, perfect for the visually impaired and those who think bigger is better!

Scary stuff in the spirit of Halloween:
Zombie Dice
Zombies!!! tile game
Forever Young, a vampire board game
Castle Ravenloft board game
Betrayal at House on the Hill 2nd ed board game
Expansions for Last Night on Earth board game
Arkham Horror board game

Scary Comics
Night of the Living Dead #1 from Avatar
Shaun of the Dead TP from IDW

Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes vs Zombies TP
Scary Godmother complete HC by Jill Thompson
Action Comics #894 Death appearance
Marvel Zombies 5 HC
Friday the 13th Book 2 TP
Spider-man vs Vampires 1 shot

Scary Toys
Freddy's glove
Shaun of the Dead 13in Action Figures
Living Dead Dolls Day of the Dead figures
Living Dead Dolls Saw

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gamma World
Now in Stock!

Not sure? Jeff Taylor will be doing a demo on this game on Sunday, November 7 at 12:30. Check it out!

Inventory Reduction Time!

It's that time again! Just before the end of the year and in time for Christmas, we take a look at what sells and what doesn't. Come on down and check out all the old graphic novels, RPG's, toys and board games that have been reduced by 50% in price!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Heroclix Event October 14th Thursday
Tournament start at 6pm

Build a 900 pt team,

Prize: Toxin Le for 1st and Fellowship and Web Tokens for 2nd

Friday, October 08, 2010


-Sweet Tooth #14
-Chaos War #1
-Tron Betrayal #1
Graphic Novels:
-Political Power: Presidents of the United States
-The Green Woman HC-Shaun on the Dead

-D&D Essentials Dungeon Master's Kit-Dead Lands Marshal's handbook

Friday, October 01, 2010

Magic: The Gathering Schedule of Events for October 2010:

Friday, October 1st: FNM, Standard (free entry) and Draft ($12)
6 pm start

Sunday, October 3rd: Scars of Mirrodin Release Party
Sealed Deck (6 boosters of Scars of Mirrodin)
10:00 am on-site registration opens
11:00 am start

Players competing will receive a promo Steel Hellkite
(while supplies last)

Tuesday, October 5th: Booster Draft ($12)

6:30 pm start
Friday, October 8th: FNM, Standard (free entry) and Draft ($12)
6pm start
October 12th: Booster Draft ($12)
6:30 pm start
Friday, October 15th: FNM, Standard (free entry) and Draft ($12)
6 pm start
October 19th: Booster Draft ($12)
6:30 pm start
Friday, October 22th: FNM, Standard (free entry) *NO DRAFT*
6 pm start
Tuesday, October 26th: Booster Draft ($12)
6:30pm start
Friday, October 29th: FNM, Standard (free entry) and Draft ($12)
6 pm start

Sunday, October 31st: Scars of Mirrodin Game Day ($7)
*Players in costume pay only $5* (to be determined by me, no casual day call center employee costumes, or any other excuses for plain clothes will be considered. It's Halloween people!)
Standard Constructed
10 am registration opens
11 am start
2 packs will be added to the prize pool for each competitor. Prizes awarded to top 8.

Scars of Mirrodin has arrived and will pave the way for a creative deck-building period as Shards of Alara block rotates from Standard taking M10 along with it in its departure. With all these crazy new artifacts and new mechanics like infect and proliferate, what novel archetypes will rise to the top of the tournament standings? Only time will tell...
The FNM foil for October is Rift Bolt. A powerful tool in the hands of any burn or storm combo player. Again, battle with standard or draft at FNM this month to add this gem to your available grimoire. Please note that there will not be a draft on Friday, October 22nd for FNM. I will be attending Grand Prix Toronto that weekend and will have a stand-in to host the Standard FNM that night.
Finally, come and battle for loot and plunder (or tricks and treats?) at the Scars of Mirrodin Gameday event on Sunday, October 31st. Those in costume will pay a reduced entry fee and I'm sure that I will have some other tricks up my sleeve (and goodies!) to reward our intrepid Halloween revelers.

That's all this time folks,

New This Week!!!
Scars of Mirrodin!!!!!
-booster boxes $125 incl. tax, comes with a free foil "Memoricide" card, while supplies last-fat packs $32.95
-intro packs $10.95

-Walking Dead TP 1-3 restock
ALL Walking Dead books are 25% off until Oct. 9th!!
*Walking Dead is our featured book for Graphic Novel Group on October 9th*