Saturday, November 10, 2007

Magic Events for 2007
Important! Look Here!

(Edited November 17th)

In addition to the November FNM events listed below, l.a. mood has the following magic events scheduled.

November 15th - Extended tournament
Registration starts at 5:30, and the first round begins promptly at 6pm. The entry fee is $5 and there will be some serious prizes. (Including a Revised Savannah if we have at least 12 players!)

December 7th -- FNM -- Standard

December 14th -- FNM -- Standard

December 21st -- FNM -- Draft

December 28th -- FNM -- Draft

Please note that there may or may not be afterdrafts for the December FNMs.


Be sure to contact me through this blog, at the store, or at FNM to let me know if you'd like other magic events in December. I'll have more free time after December 15th, and so I'll be able to run whatever sorts of events you guys want, so long as you tell me what they are!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Comics at US Cover Prices!

L.A. Mood's is the first London comic store to sell their comics at US Cover prices!
The dollar has been so good that 3 weeks ago we went ahead and did it. All new comics and trade paperbacks coming from Diamond Comic Distributors are priced at US cover price regardless of any suggested Canadian cover price!

From the London Free Press, Gord is described "Holding a Wolverine Evolution graphic novel in his hands, it lists for $19.99US and $32.00 Canadian, meaning shoppers can buy it for $20 Canadian at his store"

Of course, our trade paperbacks have been coming down in price for many months, but now you can enjoy the savings on your new issues too! Shop Canadian!, Shop Downtown! Shop L.A. Mood's!
Statue Sale

30% off all in stock

November 9 - 25
(Sorry, no holds or layaways)

This will be our only Statue sale before Christmas! At 30% off, there is no need to go to the US for these hard to find items! Thinking of buying these from others on-line? Think again. International shipping is expensive, statues being bulky and heavy, and what if it arrives damaged? Replacements and refunds can take so long. Visit L.A. Mood's, see what you are buying, go home satisfied!
D&D Day, A Success!
Saturday, November 3rd

We had our biggest crowd ever for D&D Day, more arrived after the photos had been taken! This year we didn't have many of the female persuasion but it was good to see so many young folk taking part! We divided it into 2 sessions 11AM and 2PM. We celebrated with snacks, door prizes and all D&D books were on sale!

Thanks to our DM's: Jeff, Paul, Dylan, and Charles! Good job!