Monday, April 29, 2013


Time to put the finishing touches on your costume..prepare to take advantage of our great sales...and GET READY FOR FREE COMICS!! Come on down to the store this Saturday for the annual celebration of the industry we love!
50% off Back issues! 20% off new issues! 20% off Trade Paperbacks! 20% off games! 20% off records! 20% off statues! SALES! SALES! SALES! Plus original specially designed FREE COMICS made by the top artists and writers!

But were getting ahead of ourselves. We still have great stuff to sell you until then! This includes "FREE COMIC BOOK DAY T-Shirts available now for $14.99 with the ultra cool shattered glass/Thanos design. Jim Cheung's illustration is one FCBD's best designs yet!

L.A Mood Presents Iron Man 3
Also reserve your spot today for a special screening of Iron Man this Sunday! It's the perfect way to unwind the day after FCBD. Tickets only cost 5 dollars and you'll be in good company!

New to L.A. Mood


The Unicornos were once simple little ponies that were out trotting and wandered into a magic waterfall. Passing through the waterfall, the ponies transformed into unicorns and found a hidden magical kingdom. The Unicornos live between the magic kingdom and L.A Mood. Take a box home today and meet your new friend!

New in Boardgames!

We got some new shelving in to house or awesome selection of boardgames and rearranged them to be alphabetical! Now it's even easier to find great games like

Panic in Wall St!

Stop suffering over the crisis - build your wealth! In Panic on Wall Street, players portray Managers and Investors, each seeking to sell or acquire the most lucrative shares of societies with the greatest return on their investment. All the fun of making money with none of the stress!

Darth Malgus Statue

"The force gave him a vision of galactic domination and the destruction of the Jedi by his hand… it was to be his Destiny…"
This cool statue of the popular Knights of the Old Republic character is in at L.A Mood and would make a great addition to any Star Wars fans collection!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

L.A. Mood's May Heroclix Schedule

L.A. Mood's May Heroclix Schedule
All events Begin at 6:00pm unless posted otherwise

May 2 Armour Defense! Scenario event.
Choose a figure no more than 200pts and defend the Arc Reactor from Oncoming forces.
Prize: TBA

May 9 No Man’s Land Month 6 Event
To particapate you must have earned 12pt during the No Man’s Land Events
The qualified players are Phil G., Neil, Dom, Steve, Jason, Stephen M., Derek, Trevor, Rob, Fil, Scott, Mercedes. A 600 point, Constructed event only utilizing figures from DC HeroClix: Batman, DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham, or DC HeroClix: No Man’s Land. All Games Will be played on the Dockside Amusement Park Map
Other players are invited to play in a battle royal or friendly games
Prizes: The Batcave Resource Dial for 1st place, Joker & Harley Quinn Limited Edition figures for 1st, 2nd and Fellowship, Batman’s Cowl 3D Objects & Handcuffs 3D Objects  for participation prizes
May 16 Teen Titans Marquee Event
Buy any two boosters of DC Teen Titans and build a 300 Team. 
Prizes:  TBA

May 23 Heroclix League Event!
Build a 300pt team, with your chosen Keyword.
Prize: TBA

May 30 Fan Favorite
Build a 1000 point Team and play with half actions
Prizes:  TBA

L.A. Mood House Rules
1. Purple Rings are legal, and no figures are retired
2. No Battlefield Conditions
3. Feats can only being used on older figures from before the Avengers set
4. Player are expected to bring a map that will be used, players may use either side if the map is double sided.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Check out this great stuff at  LA MOOD!

First of all lets get this out of the way..LA MOOD has been invaded by GREMLINS! Well..Gremlin. It's the inappropriately vivacious Greta from Gremlins 2! This spectacular life size prop was made from the original mold used to make the stunt version  used in the classic 1990 film. She's back from starring at this past weekends Shock Stock and ready for her close your living room!

Watchmen Toaster!

Engage in a delicious psychological test every morning with a Rorshach blot burned into your bread. What do YOU see? I'll tell you what WE see...we see you buying this AWESOME toaster!

Dr Doom Bank

Nobody will be stealing your change with this intimidating piggy bank! Now you know the real reason there is no more pennies...Dr. Doom wanted them all for himself!!

New Game!

Tired of the other 18 awesome zombie games on the market? Well you're in luck because there is a new one! Two to four players start in a basement/fallout shelter which can lead out to several base locations or even through sewer tunnels.

Gotham City strategy game

Holy bad guys Batman! Play as one of Gotham City's greatest villains – The Joker, The Penguin, Killer Croc, or Two-Face — and lead your gang of henchmen to try to become the King of Crime in Gotham City! But beware, as your hold on the city increases, so does the chance of your plans being foiled by Gotham's protector – Batman!

Modok statue
What can you say about this guy? Look at him!

Hit Girl HC & Kick Ass 2 TP
The trailer for Kick Ass 2 is out and the internet agrees -It looks great! Can't wait for the film? Come on down to LA Mood and grab it's prequel HIT-GIRL and THE KICK ASS 2 trade paperback!

Walking Dead Series 3 Action figures

Series 3 of the Walking Dead action figures are out...for blood! Just kidding. They're out to be collected and played with. Season 3 may be over..but that doesn't mean the fun has to be!

Dark Knight Returns Statue

This gorgeous statue captures one of the most iconic moments from Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns! It looks great and you could really club a burglar if they ever break in...on second thought don't do that. Leave the vigilante justice to Batman!

Artist Edition Books!

The greatest artists in the medium are treated like they deserve with these lovely coffee table books. Believe us when we say that they really have to be seen to be believed! Hi-res scans of the original artists pages show every eraser mark, every brush stroke..every smudge and splash of white out. You can practically feel each artists presence as you pour over the pages! We have books featuring the likes of such greats as Gil Kane! Joe Kubert! Will Eisner and the original artists of Mad Magazine!

Monday, April 01, 2013

April Magic Schedule
FNM Standard -   
Start Time 6:30; 
Entry Fee $2; $5
Swiss Rounds; 
For the Month of April we are going to be running two FNM's at the same time. One is going to be our regular $2 entry event, with booster packs going to top 8. The other event is going to be our new $5 FNM. The prizes will be booster packs but with the option of taking store credit. Prizes will be awarded to the top 8 or top 4 depending on attendance. 

FNM Drafts -  
Start Time approx. 8:30 (after two rounds of Standard); 
Entry Fee $10; 
Keep What You Draft; 
Swiss Rounds;
Latest Draft Format (e.g., currently Gatecrash); 
Prizes consist of 3/2/1/1 booster pack prizes (based on 8 players) to the Top 3 and FNM foils distributed to the Top 2 players automatically.

Other prizes, like foil door prizes and other handouts, including Intro packs and Battle Packs, will be distributed as before, with a door prize pool equal to about half the number of entrants!  Based on our average 30-man FNM attendance (you can see the  expected prize distribution above), I think this is an exceptionally exciting change.  Let everyone know about our huge FNMs - the more people who play, the larger the prize pool gets!

 April Schedule

April 1- Monday Night Draft.
6:30PM Start Time  Gatecrash Rare Redraft $12 entry fee
April 2- Gatecrach League Final Week Starts 6:30 pm
April 5- FNM
Standard-legal deck required. 6:30 pm start time, $2 or $5 entry fee.  $10 3-2-1-1 draft available at 8:30 pm
April 7 - Commander League Starts 3:00pm Final Week
April 8 - Monday Night Draft
6:30PM Start Time  Gatecrash Rare Redraft $12 entry fee
April 9- Gatecrash League Playoffs 6:30pm 
April 12- FNM
Standard-legal deck required. 6:30 pm start time, $2 or $5 entry fee.  $10 3-2-1-1 draft available at 8:30 pm.
April 14- Commander League 2.0 Starts 3:00pm
April 15 -  Monday Night Draft
6:30PM Start Time  Gatecrash Rare Redraft $12 entry fee

April 19- FNM Standard-legal deck required. 6:30 pm start time, $2 or $5 entry fee.  $10 3-2-1-1 draft available at 8:30 pm.
April 21- Commander League 3:00pm

April 22 -   Monday Night Draft
6:30PM Start Time Gatecrash Rare Redraft $12 entry fee
April 26- FNM Standard-legal deck required. 6:30 pm start time, $2 or $5 entry fee.  $10 3-2-1-1 draft available at 8:30 pm. Dragon's Maze Midnight Pre-release $27. The last day to place your Dragon's Maze preorder
April 28- Dragon's Maze Pre-release starts at 11:00pm $27 entry there are 10 guilds available. If you pre-register, you will be able to put yourself down for your Top 3 picks.  



April 26 at Midnight
April 28 at 11AM
$27 entry for your guild kit

$100 per box
$30 per fat pack
   The first thirty people will receive the Buy a Box Foil.
For orders of 3 boxes we require half payment.
Full payment is required for orders of more than 3 boxes 
The first 75 boxes will be guaranteed.  
Commander League

Starts April 14 at 3pm
The League will last for 2 months.
The entry will be a one time $5 fee that will go into the prize pot.
The league will be based on the Armada Games point league.
League will consist of 2 two hour matches with tables of four people.
After each match the point totals will be added to each persons league total
At the end of the league the prize pool will be divided among the top 8 players.
There will be other prizes that will be given away like Foil generals, alters and the like.
This is going to be a casual fun league so degenerate combo based decks are strongly discouraged.

Commander League Points

-4 Point
But we just started – Eliminating a player prior to their 5th turn.

-2 Points
Chasm – Be the instigator of wrecking one or more players mana bases.
Only there for its color – Finish the game without playing your General. If a player did not have the ability to cast their general during the game, they do not receive this award.

-1 Point
Greedy McGreederson – Take 3 or more Turns in a row. This can be awarded more than once.

+1 Point

Block! – Give another player a creature you own.

Chumpzilla – Control 10 or more token creatures.

Clash of the Titans – Control 5+ Legendary Creatures

Copycat – First player to copy a spell or permanent of an opponent.

Danger Zone – Eliminate an opponent while your life is less than 5.

Edge of Disaster - First player to have fewer than ten cards in his or her library.

First Blood – First player to deal combat damage to an opponent

Forth Times the Charm – Resolve your General 4 times in a single game from the Command Zone.

Generalissimo – Eliminate a player with General damage. Can be awarded more than once.

Hey, That’s Mine! – Gain control of a permanent you own from another player.

I Suck – Be eliminated from the game or have it end when you have 0 points. This checks after “It was a valiant effort” but after “I’m Out”.

I’m Out – Be the first player eliminated from the table.

It’s Waffer Thin – Eliminate an opponent with a 1/1 creature.

Look at Me – Be the last player remaining in a pod.

Start with the Top – Destroy or Exile a Sensei’s Divining Top you don’t control.

Suicide Bomber – Eliminate all remaining players at the same time (yes this includes you).

Tribal Dance – Control 7 or more non-token creatures of the same creature type.

What Goes Around – Take control of a permanent that an opponent took control of from another opponent.

Where’s Timmy – Put an opponent at 1 life.
+2 Points
Here we come again! – Have 2+ extra combat steps in a single turn.

I Brought Friends – Control 3+ Planeswalkers at the same time.

Three’s Not a Crowd – Resolve three different non-land permanents of three different types on the same turn.
Let’s Do That Again – Save an opponent from taking lethal damage.
You’re Outta Here – Kill a player or being directly responsible for a player’s elimination.

+3 Points
Get There – Cast your general when total cost is 20 or more.

+4 Points
The Cheese Stands Alone – Win the game with 2 or more opponents still in the game.

End of Game Points
+1 Point - The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall -- The person with the highest life total when he/she died (for combat death, look at the life total before combat damage was applied) wins a point.

+1 Point - He Who Dies With the Most Toys, Loses -- The person who had the least artifacts in play when he/she died wins a point.

+1 Point – What Friends? -- The person who had the least creatures in play when he/she died wins a point.

+1 Point - Huge Tracts of Land -- The person who had the least lands in play when he/she died wins a point.