Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Welcome to L.A. Mood Comics & Games!

This is our 15th year of business! We are celebrating by having surprise sales on the 15th of every month for this year. Today's sale was 20% off Magic the Gathering boosters and starters and 50% off Magic singles! Yee!Ha! Don't fret if you missed that great sale, there are still 4 more surprise sale days this year, and I've heard the December sales will be awesome!

This summer has been awesome at L.A. Mood's. Civil War has been a spectacular success! Who's side are you on? Wednesdays are back this summer as a busy, "I've got to get my comics now" kind of a day! Let's hope Marvel can keep it up!

On the gaming side of things, we just received our Cthulhu Horror Clix. It looks incredible! the detail is amazing. It's a hefty little sucker! We look forward to hosting Horror Clix tournaments and hope they are as popular as the Saturday Heroclix tournaments.


Superclone said...

Hi there,

Do you guys have pricing on the bricks and other sets for Horrorclix?

Chris Power

comicbooklady said...

It looks like boosters will go for 7.95 $cdn each and starters will be around 14.95 $cdn each, based on the quotes I received from my supplier.