Friday, April 04, 2008

New this week:

Buffy #13
Angel: After the Fall #6
Dark Tower: Long Road Home #2
Secret Invasion #1....well, well, Cap really dead or was he a Skrull? Aunt May? Skrull or not a Skrull? lots of questions, no answers! Another Mighty Marvel Crossover!
Cable shield! there's nothing funnier than having Cable running around with a baby strapped to his chest!

D&D Minis: Dungeons of Dread plus new starters! I like these new starters with the window packaging!

Free Comic Book Day is only a month away! This is the time that the London comic stores unite to give away lots of stuff with their annual Comic Shop Crossover! We promise no Skrulls... but who can you trust? Keep your eye out for your passport to win, soon to be available at these 5 participating stores:
L.A. Mood Comics & Games
Comic Book Collector
Neo Tokyo
Worlds Away

Check out this FCBD commercial on Youtube. What do you think? Can you make a better commercial for FCBD? Diamond Comics is having a contest, comic fans are encouraged to make their own commercials, and the person with the most creative commercial will win a $250 gift certificate from your favourite comic store! L.A. Mood will be happy to cooperate with would-be film makers!

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