Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shadowmoor Release Party!

In honor of the release of Shadowmoor, we're having a party, and you're invited!

The release will be Sunday May 4th and will begin at 10am.

The event will be run in the same fashion as the Morningtide release was, with 4 rounds and everyone with three or more wins receiving prizes.

In particular:

4 wins will win you 9 packs.
3 wins and a draw will win you 6 packs.
3 wins and a loss will win you 3 packs.

Note, these prizes are the bare minimum, and the more people who attend, the more prizes the winners will get! And there will be a lot of door prizes as well, so no one will leave empty handed!

The entry cost will be $25, and will purchase your sealed pool, as well as contribute to the prize fund! As well, Wizards is going to send us a bunch of great promos (including those Vexing Shushers...) so you should be sure to come out!

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