Saturday, March 31, 2007

Heroclix & Horroclix Events for April

Heroclix Events For April

Events Start at 11am

7th Teammate in Trouble!

700 Point, 1 figure of each team is held captive and must be rescued before it can be given actions

Prize: Arthur Douglas LE

14th Heavyweights

151 to 200 pts, Only One figure allowed

Prizes: Victor Shade LE

21st 4 X 4

400 pts must have 4 figs no more mo less

Prize: : Animal Master LE

28th Invitational Qualifier

Buy three Boosters and build a 300 Army

Prize: Michael Carter LE

Horrorclix Events For April

5th Alien Invasion

Everyone Vs a 1000 pts of Aliens & the Alien Queen with Her Egg Sac.
Point total depends on Attendance of Players

19th It's my Party and The Monster are Invited!

800 pt team, It's the Rave of the Year and the Local Monsters have found it!
More Victims than you can shake a stick at!

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