Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lorwyn Release Events!

l.a. mood will be hosting it's Lorwyn Release tournament on October 14th. Registration for the event will start at 10:30 and the tournament will start at 11am sharp. The entry fee is 25 dollars, and will buy you a tournament pack of Lorwyn, two boosters as well as pay for some wonderful prizes.

Wizards has sent us some great goodies, including an incredible prize foil, which will be given to participants, while supplies last.

The tournament will be run in standard sealed format, with no cut to top 8. Prizes will be given to the best finishers, as well as to others who win door prizes.

Once the main event is over, we will host sanctioned drafts for as long as people want to stay and draft. The entry fee for each draft will be ten dollars.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them, or stop by the store and chat with Justin.

See you all then!


Chris said...


Is there anyway you can tell us what the prize support will be for the event. Also since there is no cut to top 8. . do we just play thru??

Elthy-san said...

It will be approximately one booster per entrant, as well as two t-shirts, 4 life counters and 9 deck boxes. (I think, I don't have them beside me right now...)

The boosters will primarily be prizes for the big winners, while the other items will go mostly to door prizes.

And yes, it will be 4 or 5 rounds of straight swiss, with final placement based on tie-breaks.