Thursday, September 27, 2007

Let's talk about the Canadian Dollar!

As many of you know the Canadian Loon is really doing well against the American Buck. Headlines on the news indicate an on par Dollar. However, the reality is never so simple. We have yet to pay this "on par dollar" with Diamond. Lately, however, each week is a lower rate than the last. We have resisted repricing the Canadian suggested retail on the hundreds of comics we receive each week; for the 20 cents you would save, it would cost us more in labour, bags and price stickers, and talk about time consuming! We have continued to lower the prices of our graphic novels and trade paperbacks. We feel we have the best prices in town for these!

But the Canadian dollar is getting stronger each week and we want to pass these savings on to you , so we offer the following:
For members only!
An extra 10% off your membership discount if you pick up your new comics on Wednesdays only, after noon
From now until October 31st.

After that we will review the situation and if the dollar holds steady to par, then we will sell the new comics at the US cover price in Canadian Dollars!!

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