Monday, November 13, 2006

Nov 26th is the date that has been assigned to the tournament. What tournament you ask? Well how about a battle between Worlds Away, UWO, and L.A.Mood !!
Friday the 17th we will be holding a NON-Sanctioned Draft. The top 4 players will then form Team L.A.Mood and go to face Worlds Away, and UWO's Magic club in a Team Draft. The Prize (other than bragging rights, and possible a shiny belt) is a rare re-draft.
If (because of exams and stuff) I do not have enough players on the 17th, then I will hold the tournament on the 24th of november instead. Hopefully I see you out on Friday, and good luck to all who Participate.

Tourny's for November
Nov 17, Draft qualifying
Nov 24, (Draft qualifying) or Standard
Nov 26, 3-way tournament at UWO
Dec 1, Sanctioned Standard

Just a reminder that FNM tournaments start at 6 pm and are Located at the store. Don't forget to show up early to take advantage of our 50% off magic singles for Tournament participants.

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