Friday, December 07, 2007

Huge Magic: the Gathering event update --

December FNM at l.a. mood: -- Prize is Force Spike!

December 7th -- Standard, no after draft.
December 14th -- Standard, no after draft.
December 21st -- Draft, with after draft.
December 28th -- Draft, with no after draft.

January FNM at l.a. mood: -- Prize is foil Remand! (allegedly)

January 4th -- Standard, with after draft
January 11th -- Draft, with after draft
January 18th -- Standard, with no after draft
January 25th -- Draft, with after draft

Other Events:

December 19th -- Coldsnap draft, with lots of rare prizes!

In honour of the snowy weather we're getting, we'll be drafting Coldsnap. Come down and draft up a snow-storm. There will be a fifteen dollar entry fee that pays for your packs. As well, we will be awarding rares for each match win, consolation rares for anyone who doesn't win a single match, and a bonanza of prizes for the top finisher!

February 3rd -- Morningtide Release event

l.a. mood will be holding it's Morningtide release event on Sunday the 3rd of February. It'll be a Sealed deck event, and rumour has it Wizards is sending us a load of prize support. Keep your eyes on this space for more details!

Lastly, please note that starting in the new year, all FNM events will begin promptly at 6:00pm.

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Stryker said...

do all events start at 6pm?