Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Night Magic Cancelled!

Sorry folks, but FNM is cancelled due to the snowstorm. Since the London Transit is shut down for today, Johnathon can't make it in. So the Draft will be next Friday instead, December 15th.

In the mean time, L.A. Mood's is still open, but will probably close early instead of at 8PM today. City Lights and Forest City Coin are also open right now. But it is best to call ahead to make sure before venturing out today. Shoppers Drug Mart is open, but the Scotiabank and the Market is closed. The sidewalks are plowed on Richmond from York to Dundas but not north of Dundas. The streets are looking better, but drivers watch out for pedestrians; many are walking on the street because not all the sidewalks are done yet.

Take care out there and happy snow day!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

where can I find last weeks results?
start being Canadian and dig yourself out of the snow.
Use some magic ha ha.