Thursday, December 07, 2006

FNM This Week

Wooo.... what a week. Last Sunday was the showdown between Worlds Away, L.A. Moods, and The Western Magic Club. What a battle, The Underdogs "Western" came out with the Big V thanks to Jeff Baxter and His great run. In second came Team Worlds Away, with some Impressive Victories form players the likes of Wojo, and Mark. But alas, Team L.A. Moods came in Last with a "good Try team".

Hopefully this is the First of may crossover Tournaments to come.


This Week we have a Draft! Yay Draft. Hopefully we have as good of a turnout as we did last week. 18 players last week, Hopefully this week will be the same.

Next week we will have Standard Play on Dec 15th. This will be the Last FNM till the New Year. Next Week I will have the List for Januarys Events. Thanks All, and Merry Ho Ho.

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