Friday, February 23, 2007

New Clix Items in stock!

Gather around customers of L.A. Mood's Comics & Games as we have some new Heroclix and Horrorclix items on the shelf this week.

First up is a once time prize that is now for sale the great and Terrible Cthulhu
It's priced for $88.95 and we only have one left!

next up is the first of hopefully many collectors sets avaliable throught us the DC Heroclix Green Lantern Corps!!

we have two at the moment, priced at $32.95

We did have the AVP Alien Queen Action pack come in this week but it has sold out in one day!!! Order now while our supplier still has some in stock.

Also a reminder to Heroclix Players that DC Heroclix Origin Pre-Release is next Sat on March the 3rd and that is you haven't signed up to play, do so now. Insure your 3 boosters of Origin goodness a week before the full release date! Play and win Prizes!

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