Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good Luck Jeremy!

It is with sad heart we say good-bye and good luck to Jeremy! Jeremy has worked at L.A. Mood's since 2003. He has moved on to take that giant step into the corporate world. You can now visit Jeremy at Bell World in Masonville Mall, he'll be in Customer Service. No more mom&pop operation for him, no more fan-boy discussions of the latest x-men antics, it will be fists raised, "My dog ate my cell phone, what do you mean I have to pay for a new one!" for him. We wish him the best of luck! He will be sorely missed! One of our customers, Dan Brown, from the Free Press will miss him so much he wrote this on-line.

Heroclix fans don't have to worry, though, Jeremy will still be running events at L.A. Mood's Underground. They are tentatively scheduled for Thursday evenings, as long as his schedule permits. Jeremy will continue to post updates for Heroclix on this blog.

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Remjer-X said...

Thank you for the well wishes, and I will miss answering people's comic book and gaming questions. I'd like thank the owners of L.A. Mood for hiring me back in 2003 and for the 5 years of working for them. It was an awesome experience, that was only a pipe dream many years ago. and I will miss working there and all the great customers. I'll still be in the store from time to time, just on customer side of the counter.