Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ultimate Christmas gifts for the Ultimate Collector!

Check out these amazing statues we have in stock from Sideshow Collectables! the details are absolutely incredible!

Neca makes this life size replica of the Spartan Helmet from the movie 300 and yes, it is metal!

...from gifts for the ultimate collector to stocking stuffer ideas and stuff for the kids...

Stocking Stuffer ideas:

for the Dragon and or D&D lover-- D&D miniatures boosters, McFarlane Dragons (now reduced in price), Dragonlance Chronicles comics and or graphic novels

for the World of Warcraft lover-- action figures, boosters from the new miniatures, boosters for the collectable card game

for the Comics lover-- Marvel and DC heroclix boosters

Chaotic boosters and starter sets and tins-- I've checked out some of the department stores and pharmacies and we are cheaper! only $3.95 a booster, 3 for $10.95, starters only $11.95 and tins only $19.95

Try this! Heroclix name tags...peruse through our singles box and pick out different characters to put as a fun topper to your gifts! from .25 to 2.95 each.

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