Monday, January 19, 2009

New in Stock!

Wings of War Miniatures series 2 & 3
Talisman 4th Edition: Reaper Expansion
Moto Grand Prix board game

Watchmen 13 inch Dr Manhattan figure

Amazing Spider-Man #583 with Obama back up story... First prints sold out...2nd printing with Obama on the cover on their way, and possibly 3rd printings...
Bone volume 9 Scholastic version
Anita Blake First Death tp
Walking Dead vol 9 tp

Patrick McGoohan
(March 19, 1928 - January 13, 2009)

Best line ever! "I am not a number, I am a free man". Gordzilla and I have been fans of The Prisoner (1967 TV series) for a long time, proud owners of the DVD collection. Patrick McGoohan wrote, produced, directed and starred in The Prisoner. We were sad to hear of his death.

He reprised his role as Number 6 in an episode of the Simpsons in 2000.

Ricardo Montalban
(November25, 1920 - January 14, 2009)

We just rewatched Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, in memory of Ricardo Montalban, definitely one of the best Trek movies and so much of it because of Ricardo's wonderful performance. A wonderful actor, charismatic, and unforgettable. For those of you too young to remember Star Trek, or Fantasy Island, Ricardo Montalban did a guest voice on Family Guy and was the Grandfather in Spy Kids 2 & 3.

2 unforgettable actors, may they rest in peace.

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