Saturday, May 02, 2009

Scenes from a Free Comic Book Day...

It always starts out like this: lots of comics in nice neat piles!

Then you have a line up waiting to get in!

Shuffle in!
Shuffle out!

Then add a little FM96 and a dash of Taz!

Then the great costumes!

"Ew what's in there?!"

And the taunting: "You are a bad guy!"

Super heroes come in all ages!

And all walks of life!

Best Free Comic Book Day Ever!
L.A. Mood wants to thank FM96 and Taz for the great job helping us promote the event. Also a great big thanks to our volunteers Adam and Sarah, as well as loyal employees Tom and Luke!!!
Check out our flickr photostream here.

You can check out Whisp's experiences here.
Here is a video of the line up in front of Heroes here, curtesy of FromMyBottomStep.

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