Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meet the Graphic Novel Group!

Our first meeting was a success! Attendance was 8 people, including myself. Don't worry if you couldn't make it, the GNG's doors are always open and you can join any time on Facebook!

Our first meeting began with introductions and sharing our graphic novel picks. We decided that we definitely wanted to meet in person on a regular basis and the 2nd Saturday of each was chosen. Having said that, we know that Saturdays are not convenient to everyone and in order to allow as much participation as possible, we would have an on-line component. We decided that Facebook allows us an easy forum for discussion and all of us, and many of our customers, are already on it. Tom volunteered to start up the page and it is ready to go, just search LA Mood Graphic Novel Group. After a discussion of our favourite graphic novels, Watchmen and Maus came up more than once! We thought we could postpone Watchmen until the release of the DVD and then we could combine movie and book discussion, so Art Spiegelman's Complete Maus was chosen as our first book.

Currently, we have volume II in stock and we will be getting more in. It will be our featured graphic novel in the store and will be availbable for 25% off!

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