Monday, August 03, 2009

Hey folks, back again with the monthly Magic updates. First off, lets start with our August schedule:

Magic: The Gathering Schedule of Events for August 2009:

Tuesday, August 4: Booster Draft (M10) @ 6:30 pm
Friday, August 7: FNM (Standard) @ 6:00 pm
Tuesday, August 11: Booster Draft (M10) @ 6:30 pm
Friday, August: 14: FNM (Booster Draft with M10) @ 6:00 pm
Tuesday, August 18: Booster Draft (M10) @ 6:30 pm
Friday, August 21: FNM (Standard) @ 6:00 pm
Sunday, August 23: The L.A. Mood Killers Team Search Tournament Series (#1) @ 12:00 pm
(registration is 11:00 am - 11:50 am)
Tuesday, August 25: Booster Draft (M10) @ 6:30 pm
Friday, August 28: FNM (Booster Draft with M10) @ 6:00 pm

Players attending our FNM tournaments this month will have a chance to win a foil version of Lightning Greaves. These incredible boots of speed are enough to make even The Flash jealous.

As most of you are now aware, prizes for drafting at L.A. Mood are awarded by rare redraft. If you win first place in the draft, you will be rewarded by selecting first any rare card opened during the draft. Second place picks second and so on until all the players have made their first picks, resuming from the top down again until all the rares have been drafted.

Next up, The L.A. Mood Killers Team Search Tournament Series (#1) will be held on Sunday, August 23'rd. We are looking to put together a team of skilled magic players to represent the L.A. Mood magic scene when our team brings it's game to local, national, and global venues. This will be the first of four team search tournaments culminating with a finalized team roster to be announced on December 1'st, 2009. We are looking for team members who are passionate about the game and are willing to contribute their time to developing a well rounded team. Team members will test, share ideas, and provide feedback with each other in an effort to achieve the following three goals:

Succeed - We want our team members to achieve their own personal goals of winning consistently. We do not condone cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct however, and any such behaviour may result in expulsion from the team.

Represent - We want our team to be recognized and respected at tournament venues for play skill as well as demeanor. While representing the L.A. Mood Killers, we expect our members to act maturely. Win with style, lose with grace.

Grow - We are looking to develop a team of players that strive to play at a professional level. With regular testing and communication between members, we are confident in our team members achieving this caliber of play.

Without further ado, here are the details:

The L.A. Mood Killers Team Search Tournament Series (#1)

Format: Standard

Entrance Fee: $20.00
$18.00 to preregistered players if paid by 6:00 pm, Saturday, August 22'nd.
The first 8 players with paid registration will receive an M10 release foil Ant Queen

Start Time: 12:00 pm (registration will begin at 11:00 am and end at 11:50 am)

Tournament Structure: Swiss pairing with cut to Top 8. Number of rounds will be determined by player attendance

Prizes: Two boxes to be awarded to Top 8 competitors as follows:

1'st: 1 Box of M10
2'nd: 18 Booster Packs of M10
3'rd: 7 Booster Packs of M10
4'th: 3 Booster Packs of M10
5'th - 8'th: 2 Booster Packs of M10

In addition to this, our 1'st place finisher will receive an invitation to play for the L.A. Mood Killers. Team members will receive a 20% discount when purchasing Magic singles, packs, and supplies (excluding booster boxes). If declined, the invitation will be offered to the next highest finisher in the tournament.

Door Prizes will also be awarded.

For a current list of standard legal sets, click here.

I hope to see you all there!

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gordzilla said...

Please note that the tournament is on Sunday August 23rd and that the special pre-registration price ends Saturday August 22 at 6 PM.