Thursday, November 26, 2009

December Heroclix & Star Wars Events

Dec 3 Star Wars Minis: Arena Animal Challenge
Build a force of 3 figures that equal no more than 115 pts
And see how well you do vs. the Nexu, Reek & Ackley

Dec 10 Heroclix: Hammer Hits the Floor
500 pts 50% of team must be from Hammer of Thor
Prize: Samantha Parrington LE

Dec 17 Heroclix: The Big Boys & Girls
400 pts at least on figure must more than 125,
No Colossals
Prize: “Blood Oath” Feat Card

L.A. Mood Heroclix House Rules

1. Theme team rules are not In effect

2. Purple Rings are Legal

3. You may play up to Three Battlefield Conditions

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