Monday, May 03, 2010

May Heroclix & Star Wars Events

All events begin at 6pm

May 6 Heroclix: 700 pts
build a 700 pt force
Prize: Bruce Wayne LE

May 13 Heroclix: Small Strike Force
build a 100 point Force
Prize: Yellow Lantern Special Object

May 20 Star Wars Minis Adventure Event
Bring one Republic Character
(bring a back up in case someone has the same one)

May 27
Heroclix : Battle Royal
build a 300 pt team max 2 characters everyone on the same map
Prize: Green Lantern Special Object

L.A. Mood Heroclix House Rules

1. Theme team rules are not In effect

2. Purple Rings are Legal

3. No Battlefield Conditions and No Feats (test run for this month)

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