Wednesday, February 02, 2011

An Important Announcement for our Magic Players

Hello, FNM players, drafters and Sunday casuals!

Just a quick announcement to remind you that our events on Friday, February 11th and Monday, February 14th will be run by our capable friend, Mark Wells. Mark will be provided with all the prizes and product you're used to seeing on those days

Our usual Sunday casual event on Sunday, February 13th has been cancelled, but will resume the following Sunday!

In addition, I will not be in the store between Tuesday, February 8th and Thursday, February 17th. My apologies for the inconvenience. I will do my utmost to ensure the store binders are well-stocked prior to me absence and that the store has an updated buylist if you're looking to sell your cards to us! I will be entirely unavailable during that time, so unfortunately, there will be no response at if you e-mail me then. Sorry!

See you all this Friday for our normal FNM! Remember: Mirrodin Besieged is legal for play and the store will have a full supply of all the cards you need!

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