Sunday, May 29, 2011

Upcoming: The New Phyrexia Game Day Extravaganza!

Hello, Magic players!

As you know, one month following a set's release is the set's Game Day. This June 12th, join me and your fellow players at L.A. Mood to compete for prizes and glory in a New Phyrexia Standard event!

When: Sunday, June 12th. 10:00 am registration, 11:00 am start time.

Entry Requirements: One (1) Standard-legal deck and sideboard. Decklist required, and required for eligibility for the factionalized deck prizes. No entry fee.

Format: Swiss rounds with no cut to Top 8. Top 8 prizes are awarded based on standings after the Swiss rounds.

Prizes: All participants receive a copy of the participation prize: The impressive full-art Priest of Urabrask (while supplies last)

Top 8 finishers will also receive a copy of the enormous full-art Myr Superion.

New Phyrexia's game day will once again feature factionalized decks! The top two placements with a factionalized deck (min. 10 cards of one faction and no cards of the other) will also receive a copy of Myr Superion!

In addition, New Phyrexia Game Day will again feature two exciting side events: $15 Keep-What-You-Draft 8-4 NPH/MBS/SOM Drafts, and $15 Standard Win-A-Box 8-man queues!

In order to help ensure the side events fire, I'm strongly encouraging everyone to e-mail me ahead of time to "pre-queue" for a side event. Pre-queuing doesn't cost you a penny and there's no commitment to play - it's simply expressing your interest in drafting or Win-A-Box events so I can offer clear numbers to other interested players on Game Day! All entrants into side events will receive an additional copy of Priest of Urabrask and the first-place finisher will receive a copy of Myr Superion! (while supplies last).

As always, questions, comments and suggestions can be e-mailed to Pre-queue requests too!

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