Thursday, September 08, 2011

Magic Set Celebration!

Hello, Magic players!

Don't forget that the Magic 2012 Set Celebration is happening at L.A. Mood this weekend, on Sunday, September 11th, starting at 11:00 a.m.

Magic Set Celebration is an all-new event supported by Wizards of the Coast and is meant to reward you, the players, for just enjoying Magic to its fullest!  Here are the details:


When: Sunday, September 11th. 10:00 am registration, 11:00 am start time.  

REL:  Casual Non-Rated Limited (Mini-Master!)

Entry Fee: None!

Format: Minimaster!  Each entrant receives one (1) free M12 Booster, which is opened and added to fifteen basic lands (3 of each type) to make a 30-card deck.

Rounds:  Single-Elimination rounds, best-of-three matches.  Any player who wins a match receives one (1) additional free M12 booster, which is immediately added to the 30-card deck to make a new deck with a 40-card minimum size.  Lands and cards may be swapped freely in between games and matches.

In addition, any player losing in the first round of the main event only are immediately registered into a "shadow bracket".  Shadow bracket rounds are other run identically to the main event, including pack awards for each shadow match won.

Prizes: The final winner of the main event will receive one (1) booster box of Magic 2012 and one (1) Planeswalker-logo branded t-shirt.  The final winner of the shadow event will receive one (1) copy of Ajani vs. Bolas and one (1) Planeswalker-logo branded t-shirt.

All participants will receive a copy of a Duels of the Planeswalkers promotional card, redeemable for in-game cards!


In addition, this weekend, any player purchasing a Deckbuilder's Toolkit will receive a Planeswalker-logo branded t-shirt absolutely free with their purchase!

See you there!  As always, questions, comments and suggestions can be e-mailed to

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