Saturday, September 08, 2012

Has L.A Mood run out of comics?? No of course not don't be silly. We've got more comics than ever before!!

New this week
The Stand Hard Cases

 The Trashcan Man was spared for a reason. To join the Dark Man Randall Flagg's swelling army and to set the world on fire. The great thing about comic book adaptions is half the reading, all the action!

Grimm Fairy Tales Vol 12

Sela Mather's epic journey through the realm of myst reaches it's pinnacle as she struggles to find her way back home! You never read Fairy Tales like this when you were a kid!!

Manhattan Projects

What if the research and development department created to produce the first atomic bomb was a front for a series of other, more unusual, programs? Collecting the coolest new series of the year into one super science package!

Prince of Cats

 "Prince of Cats" is a hip-hop inspired retelling of William Shakespeare's seminal tale, "Romeo and Juliet." Instead of focusing on the star crossed lovers, Wimberly's story focuses on Tybalt, referred to in the play as the Prince of Cats, and his Capulet brothers as their war with the Montagues rages on. Featuring some seriously cool neon graffiti fused art!

 Venom Bank

Either Venom is saying "Come at me!" in a cool fighting stance...or he lost a contact lens. Either way you can put you money in him!!

Evil Dead 2 Series 2

These gorgeous and I mean GORGEOUS-(I know it sounds weird to say but these figures couldn't be more finely sculpted of accurate to the film) Evil Dead 2 figures just came in...and hopefully we all won't be dead by dawn. Wait-Did you hear that? It sounds like maybe something... something trying to force its way into our world.

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