Saturday, December 01, 2012

Great sales for the Holiday Season!!!

 We are restocked on Boardgames and have all the cool titles the cool kids want!
Mage Wars! Pandemic! Settlers of Catan! Ticket to Ride! Civilization! Game of Thrones! Dominion! You're not gonna find awesome titles like this at your local Wal-Mart.
Not good enough? How about 20 % off all board games and t-shirts!! Yeah! T-shirts like this new Iron Man and Captain America Dual Nature Tee we got in this week.

Not sure which game to buy? Feel free to come on down to the store and crack open one of our in store demos copies...Check it out..Give it a play just don't put any of the pieces in your mouth.

New Toys
Doctor Who Series Action Figures
Featuring chracters like Eleventh Doctor,The Astronaut
River Song, The Eleventh Doctor Ganger (He's all rubbery!) and Cyberman

New Books!
DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering

With this title the store is now stocked with the entire DC How too series! That's it! We've completed the set of "How to" books that will propel you into comic book stardom!
DC's world-famous characters to demonstrate an array of techniques, covering such topics as the pros and cons of lettering by hand or by computer, creating balloons and fonts, logo designs, working with color, and creating special effects.

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