Friday, January 18, 2013

New at L.A. Mood!
 It's 1974 all over again so...
...KISS the money in your wallet goodbye because we got KISS action figures in!

If you're like me you watch the 1988 movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space every night..Please tell me you're like me...Anyways-
Amok Time has just released beautifully freaky action figures based on the cult hit!!! Now I can..I mean.."You can" play with them WHILE you watch the film every night! Wow! And remember..."In space no one can eat ice cream!"

Do you like Catan? Do you like Star Trek? Do like the 1980's Star Trek films where Captain Kirk's hair looks like a squirrel that got stuck in a light socket?? Well you're in luck! Star Trek Catan has all of the above and even more!

All kidding aside-This version of Catan is really cool and only in limited supply! Get it while you can!

New in comics!


The first comic created for Amazon Kindle turns out to be more than just an experimental curiosity. When Frank Armstrong, an elderly failed PI, is hired to find a drug boss's daughter, he sees a chance to redeem himself for failing to prevent his own wife's murder decades ago. Unfortunately, Frank's inoperable brain tumor means that his senses betray him so that he doesn't always know what year he's living in or whether he's walking down the gritty L.A. streets or lying flat on his back in a hospital bed!

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